made it - have i?

I stumbled across a new little site, similar to etsy but for australian independent artists and designers. You have to be aussie to sell, however anyone all over the world can buy!!

I have opened a shop there which I am slowly filling. So please. Check it out here

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  1. My Charlie Girl said...
    Hey, no worries at all...i appreciate the bother...yep yep im on indie public and i seen you on there too!! i have been on made it for almost 2 months. so far i have sold 4 prints...its a little slower than etsy, but i guess not as many people know about it yet. they are having a few little problems on their website with usually you will receive an email from someone when they want to purchase an item. but bec is the lady i have been chatting with from madeit and she is really nice and helpful. im just about to list a few more items there, i have been happy and yeh, there isant as much other work, so a bit more exposure :)

    hopefully that was helpful :) xoxo

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