Sometimes it feels like everything happens at once.

First things first. Those sydney people please make your way to the annandale hotel for LA FEMME!! Why? Because I will be exhibiting work there as one of the featured artists! it will be a fun day with lots of markets and music and food and art, so, COME ALONG

come. please. my work. will be there

Secondly, I am very happy to say that V-RAW have got me as one of their featured artists! Go to the Jobs section then scroll down to the gallery section, and there i am! (although my name is missing an E) I love V-RAW and i am so excited to be apart of it.

shake the can, its worth it

Apart from all the love and attention I have been getting (hehe) I have been working hard on lots of commissions, which i guess doesnt give me much time to update my shop :( But if you are struggling to find an christmas present for anyone, dont hesitate to visit my little shop. It will bring you lots of christmas cheer.

Hopefully it wont be so long between drinks.
And say hello, I like a chat.


  1. Cathy said...
    sounds like it's all happening for you! congratulations! can't make it to the exhibition but best of luck with it :) i'm sure you'll rock!!
    sin.thesis said...
    wow! i'm very impressed with your accomplishments!
    Daydream Lily said...
    oh congrats on being on VRAW, and I shook the can...hehe.

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