the etsy success.

I sure do spend a lot of time checking out the successful stores of etsy. Maybe its an obsession of mine, maybe it is just because I look at these stores with such amazement and think to my self.... wow. I guess it gives me something to aspire to.

What I have started to notice is that these very successful stores, e.g. ashleyg and the black apple have such hugely successful (or would you say popular) blogs. Everything stems from their blog. kitty genius and inside a black apple. When they are next posting something original or rare so people can be there the second they post it. Right down to what they ate for breakfast. They have a following of people.

I love posting blogs, i love reading blogs and i love having a blog. I dont want my blog to be just about every time I post something new in my shop. But then again that is largely what I am excited about. What interests people enough to come back to my blog? I would love to know if anyone did stalk my blog, like I stalk so many others. hehe.

Well that was just a little bit of self expression for you all. Maybe you need to expect more of this.

But a post is not a post without a picture!

just a little Polaroid of mine

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  1. Sherrin said...
    I know exactly what you're talking about... I feel like all I post about is the things I make, mostly to sell. I generally don't go too far into my personal life, but when I think about it, this is what I find interesting about other people's blogs, and makes me come back. Maybe I'm embarrassed or think that people won't want to know... who knows! I can't comment too much on your blog, because I have only just discovered it. Off to have a look around now. :o)

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