where did she go??

for those avid readers of my blog (hehe im sure there are tons! lol) that are wondering what happened to me, just a quick note to let you know that I am still alive, I am still trying to be creative, and keep up with everyones blogs etc etc but my 'artistic' time is so very limited at the moment.

but never fear. that time shall someday come. i hope.

hope all is swell and well!



  1. Jessie said...
    haha good to hear! i feel you pain. its hard to be all artistic with everything else going on. i just got a job too & now the only time i have to sketch is on the train! now thats some bumpy sketching
    Daydream Lily said...
    when will you be back :-(

    did you like the God of Speed book?
    Honor said...
    Good to hear. Stop working so hard! hehe
    Mercer's Daughter said...
    Just popped in to check up on you. Sounds like you are keeping busy. Take care, get rest and keep smiling.

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