Good Food Affare - Just so good.

I love good. I really do. Today at the Good Food Affare I was tasting homemade jams, beautifully tasting organic breads, smelling freshly picked fruit, and basically just witnessing (and tasting!) natures natural ingredients in their best form. When I came home and made my lunch of freshly baked organic Sonoma's sourdough bread, with freshly picked mushrooms and amazing free range eggs, and again later when I was enjoying a sweet afternoon tea of Hank's delicious Peach and Strawberry jam and the best fruit spelt bread I have ever tried (woah long winded sentence!) I thought to myself that this must have been bad for me because it tasted so damn good. I love food, but its funny how your mind tricks you into thinking that in order to "treat" yourself you should be eating fast food or something unhealthy. Whole natural food. You really can't beat it. 


  1. Jessie said...
    yummmm i am so jealous! i love going to the markets and finding fresh food. i want some of that bread!
    Megan Udell said...
    Mmmm, that sounds heavenly! And the jam in the photo sounds soooo good!

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