oh dear. sometimes with my addiction to the internet I forgot to nurture the raging love that I have for books. before this crazy kids phase known to some as "blogging", I used to spend hours, jealously pouring over books in the MCA or in big fancy book stores in the city.

I think we can all consider ourselves extremely lucky to have access to amazing images and inspiration pretty much whenever we want it. But it is also important to remember that other senses will feel neglected if we just use our eyes all day long. It is hard to go past the feeling of the weight of a book on your lap, or the smell of a brand new (or even old) book.

I tend to make it a rule to have no computer before breakfast. or during. I like to read while having breaky, usually magazines, sometimes books. And I think my shelves need some lovin'. wishlist time!

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  1. Hayley said...
    the same happened to me! i have become so involved in writing, and reading blogs, i have been neglecting my books ): i used to read all day almost everyday of the summer, i now just read before bed because (as i have been more social...) but i've come to love a new genre of reading. though, absolutely nothing is like curling up and reading an interesting, and good-smelling book (:

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