thought for thought?

do us "creative folk" blog about our everyday happenings because our "real life" friends don't appreciate the beauty?

a perfectly made bed and a fresh loaf of sourdough
would anyone else find it as lovely?

[gorgeous images by the wonderfully talented Holly Becker via decor8]


  1. Chrissy Lau said...
    I like this short yet thought provoking post and I agree with it. I like to blog so I can connect with other artists like you :-) otherwise drawing is a rather solitary activity. I'd love to be in an art collective and share a studio with fellow artists how fun would that be?
    Anonymous said...
    Hello there :)
    Love your blog. I know exactly what you mean. But I also know I don't always find the smaller, overlooked things in life always fabulous either, perhaps that is a result of our fast paced life. However there are certain times with being in the moment that you go, "Wow, life is great" and I completely grasp it. For me this might be hanging up a load of washing and at that point everything is perfect; blue sky, bird flying overhead or perhaps even singing and then I get a whiff of my clean white sheets.
    So yes, I can understand the beauty and wonderfulness in the humble sour dough bread and freshly made bed.
    Natalie said...
    I like to blog to record and share things that people (even me) might glance over in the hustle and bustle. I think when someone starts blogging, they have a chance to pause and reflect... it's a lovely thing.
    Sophie Munns said...
    I find that people are often overwhelmed into silence in a home if it overflows with this kind of love of beauty. Not all artists and people you'd think would be drawn to make something out of the everyday in this way do either.
    I have had many appreciative souls be quite affected and resposive to this love of beauty in my spaces over the years - noting the specialness of things...but blogging is a surer way to get a response from like minded types.
    family seem to get sick of one's capacity to be enthralled by a wonderful loaf of bread and perfect gardenia...
    renee anne said...
    @deciphertheday - thank you lovely!! and yes, I agree with your answer. I would LOVE to be in an art collective in a studio (warehouse style) making art all day and listing to music. wouldn't that be amazing!!

    @Vintage by LOU LOU - thank you for your kindness and I just love your comment. I you have captured what I have been thinking lately. Those moments in life, that are so plain, but so beautiful. I think it is nice to share. But I still wonder, what is better, the moment or the memory?

    @Natalie I also agree, I like to blog because what I love is that I have two years worth of random thoughts and things that I sometimes glance over when I need a reminder of how far I have come! Thanks for the sweet comment!

    @Sophie Munns - thank you for your thoughtful response. I must say, I do have family come over and make comment on the little things, these things that I speak of, ones that gush over a nicely wrapped present, and others that care about the things that I might blog or read about. Then there are others, who I might make some homemade cookies for and tie them up pretty with string and a sweet little handmade card who will scoff down the cookies and throw away the packaging without even a blink of an eye. It is these things that I wish I had blogged about, so at least I could have remember the original thought and beauty. But now am I just going to far?? hahaha

    Thank you everyone for your lovely comments. I love to read peoples thoughts and opinions!

    Renee xx
    Jessie said...
    i know what you mean, i love the little extra deatils in things but then i know that alot of people don't even see them but i still like to do these little things because every so often someone takes notice and that makes my day :)
    renee anne said...
    @jessie - you know what Jess, I could not agree more. I could do something for weeks and weeks and no one notices, but that day they do notice, it is pretty special ;)
    Bec said...
    One of the reasons I think is because we are so busy and don't get 'out' much (in my case anyway) and blogging is a really nice little way to stay in touch with other creatives :) We can do it whilst working to take little breaks... And it's a nice way to keep friends that are abroad up to date... and share the little things we miss out on cause we are not around all the time... xo
    renee anne said...
    @Bec - I 100% agree with you Bec, plus, all of the "online friends" that I have made, many of them who "understand" me more than perhaps some of my real world peeps.

    But I would have to say the not going out thing is a big one, and it makes you appreciate the time you do have in your home even if it does mean working till 2am!


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