God of Speed

Where have I been? hmm maybe you havent really noticed, but sadly I havent had much time for the wonderful world of art4friends and the associated adventures (i.e. blog reading, networking, shop updating and what not).

Much of the usual commitments have started up again. I was working three jobs for a while there, I got two news ones. But I finally resigns the good old retail job so now im doing jobs that I like and enjoy and that actually give me work and good money! Wooppee! So maybe I can be showing my walls with beautiful art soon.

I want to be creating. Im trying.

Uni started again, which is ok. I find it hard to enjoy the art that I create at uni, even though I am at the College of Fine Arts. I dont know.

Lots of reading too. This book, God of Speed. Get it and read it. Its wonderful.

I cant wait to get my hands on a copy of curvy. I really should go see the exhibition. I work too much.

Hope all my peeps are doing well.

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