I was so excited to be able to be apart of this lovely cause. A few of my Leeloo friends and I have added our own special touch to some of Cat Davison's sweet record bowls. Not only are they now available for purchase, but the proceeds go to the RSPCA, a charity of particular relevance and importance around Christmas time when people may not been thinking wisely in regards to new pet choices. 

Check them out here and help out. And remember to steer clear of pet shops this christmas, if you are serious about adding a pet to your family this time of year, pay your local animal shelter a visit.

Merry Christmas!!!

today I had a wonderful day. I checked out my work at the exhibition I mentioned below at gallery285. it looked rather nice up on the wall with lots of amazing other drawers. I even snapped up a couple of drawings! 

I then did a bit of op shopping on Crown St, where I picked up a lovely vintage red skirt at a great price!

And then I ventured over to The Finders Keepers markets, which was just amazing. What a long way that little market has come. I was overloaded with so many wonderful things I didn't know where to begin! 

When I got home I layed out all my goodies which I often do after a big spend up and when I walked past I thought "hmmm they all look rather lovely together."

So I took a photo.

Some of the purchases featured treasures from Leeloo, miss beba, one blue wren and lots of other wonderful sellers which I will try and post about soon when I get pictures! But check out these babies mentioned!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!

and check out this gorgeous little shop.

In my hunt for all handmade presents this christmas I bought a little writing set as a pressie (and a couple of notebooks for myself! I mean may as well save on postage!!), and can I just say, it is even better than I expected!

I love stationery and this stuff is so sweet and lovely, I promise you will love it.

Attend if you can!






0404 510 288



Well I forgot to mention that I have a few little drawings in the show mentioned above! I am so sorry I don't have any pictures, but I shall hopefully get some and post. It is all very new stuff. Different. But have a look if you are near by. xxxx

I love good. I really do. Today at the Good Food Affare I was tasting homemade jams, beautifully tasting organic breads, smelling freshly picked fruit, and basically just witnessing (and tasting!) natures natural ingredients in their best form. When I came home and made my lunch of freshly baked organic Sonoma's sourdough bread, with freshly picked mushrooms and amazing free range eggs, and again later when I was enjoying a sweet afternoon tea of Hank's delicious Peach and Strawberry jam and the best fruit spelt bread I have ever tried (woah long winded sentence!) I thought to myself that this must have been bad for me because it tasted so damn good. I love food, but its funny how your mind tricks you into thinking that in order to "treat" yourself you should be eating fast food or something unhealthy. Whole natural food. You really can't beat it. 

Leeloo turns one!

please go and check out the wonderfullness that is Leeloo , the online store that supports fresh Australian artists and designers, (which in turn you can support too! hehe) I can't believe she has turned one! nawwwww. And like most of us, she is only getting better with age, so run along over my friends!!!

gotta get some vintage

this christmas. it will save you money and it will save our little world

So it is confirmed...

that I am not going to be taking up a career in exhibition photography, but nevertheless, I shall show you these photos all the same!

I unfortunately couldn't make it to the opening of cream coloured ponies & crisp apple strudels but I did still manage to sneak in there and take a few snaps of the lovely, beautiful artworks! 

So I don't even have any interesting arty gossip to report either! Other than I loved the works by the lovely Courtney Brims, Kelly Smith, Kareena Zerefos and Bec Winnel


Works are in order as mentioned above! 

I believe the show was put together by Kareena, and I must say it was a lovely little collection of things and works!

Once again apologies for the crappy photography!

Bring on more fun and lovely exhibitions!

I would hardly call anything I do or like boring!! (only joking) Anyway, the lovely Honor Bowden aka GalaHouse has tagged me to share six quirky yet boring, unspectacular details about myself!

So here goes it. (I am always jealous of the super fancy taggees (eg Honor!) who can make their tag details look so fun and image filled)

1. I still live at home so I am always roaringly jealous when I read my favourite blogs about home decorating. For one I don't really have the funds to support an entire home reno, and two, well, Mum is probably not really into my style!

2. Having said that, I think I am a massive 'house wife' at heart. I love food shopping, and don't mind a bit of cleaning. My most recent obsession is learning how to cook from scratch (thank you Jamie!). I think I go ok.

3. Gosh am I only at 3?? Oh why not. I love Australian Idol.

4. I also have a wii and love that too. I am anxiously awaiting that moment when I 'grow up', and start finding it inappropriate to sit on the ground in public and lose an interest in game playing at what not.... 

5. I am the type of person that when you ask me "Omg have you seen *insert movie here*!!??" I am mostly likely to say no. I have not seen many movies that people tend to title "must sees". I stick to a few favs and thats about it. 

6. This was probably a bit harder than I had originally thought! Wow. Well if are are not considering that a point, I think I am mildly dyslexic*. If I proof read over things I have written, sometimes I amaze my self at the inaccuracies. Or maybe my brain is just two steps ahead.

I think the tagging might have to stop with me. I mean, lots of my favourite blogs I am reading have already been tagged, and it may be inaaprioate to tag a complete stranger... would it?

*Hence why you may find many typos in my posts.... sorry for that!

I am currently waiting to start a new job, and decided to take a little week off before I started. Great for spending time online shopping. No so great when you don't have the funds to support the hobby.

So without further delay, here are my latest omg I need to buy these items from etsy but cannot because I don't have the funding.

Gorgeous vintage shoes by the lovely santokivintage

Sweet herb markers, for when I one day start my herb garden, from NinaGibsonDesigns

My mum would probably cry out in horror, so I guess Ill have to wait till I have my own home before I start the vintage decorating, but I can dream all the same (and start filling that glory box!). From whiteelephantvintage

Lately I find myself more drawn to home wears than anything else. I just love it.

Friends, I thought I would just share a quick update in regards to my vintage shop grandmas chest of glory. It needs some Aussie love because being vintage on etsy and not being from America gets a bit tough due to the high international shipping rates. But thats ok. Because Aussies love vintage too. I know I do. 

A little about my business philosphy here. Essentially I want a lovely little vintage shop. And she is growing.
Why buy vintage? Well it looks better and usually is (hehe). But more importantly we are recycling. Why do we need to be producing new stuff (harming the environment etc) when we have excellent stuff going un-used! Share the love my friends.

I also still enjoy the idea of a glory box. I myself have one, and I feel that all these youngies out there (haha me included) should be starting our collections now for when we need to be serious adults and what not (not likely).

Enjoy friends.

Mixtape Monday

MixwitMixwit make a mixtapeMixwit mixtapes

Thanks to daydream lily for the sweet idea.


a fresh find

I love it when I find a new artist that I just love everything they have done. I mean I see great images all the time that I like, and constantly look and smile and feel and go wow. But sometimes, you just need to tell someone. 

Listening to: Je Ne Suis Pas Ta Chose by Camille 

I shall be there

I made a promise to my self to go along. I never get to go to fun things like this because I live far away. But I shall go. 

Where Two Oceans Meet

For what it is worth I thought I would do a little bit of

"omg if you are considering buying an album at the moment, this is the one you have to get!"


Lately I have been doing a lot of moral and ethical sole searching (most likely more rants on this to come) and one of them is buying CDs and downloading music from iTunes. A while a go I made the promise to never "illegally download" and so its not that issue that I am contemplating. I download a lot of single tracks from iTunes, new music I want to check out etc etc, but I have yet to buy a whole album. I still like to have my physical CD. I bought the lovely Chimney's Afire by one of my favourites Josh Pyke. I always hesitate when I buy CDs, I don't know why, they are not that expensive, but I am tight, and well yeah. I am super glad I did.

I love the sea and oceany theme through it. A lovely little journey. Go have a listen.

And even though I now own the physical CD, it got loaded straight onto my iPod and the CD got filed away.... See my predicament. Do I support the nature of the physical CD industry, you know, the whole album art thing which I love and adore. And what about all the CD peoples jobs? 

Yes but what about the whole new range of jobs that are available in the download industry. Not to mention it is much better for the environment to reduce all the production costs. 

Why not join the friendly debate in my mind!!

Oh, and the CD is excellent. Did I already mention that?

young at heart

An lady on my bus just now, at my guess in her 70s, sat in the seat reserved for the elderly. After a moment she got up and moved to the seat behind her. A man near by asked why she moved. 

"I don't want to sit in a seat that is reserved for old people"

She made me smile.

Imag_ne by Emma Anna

First point I would like to make about my visit to Bondi this Sunday is to never attempt to leave there via public transport at around 4pm on a lovely hot day. Just to sum it up, it was chaos. About 300 people trying to pack onto buses to the city. And then the buses having to fight with the traffic. Don't try it.

Now that is over, I can focus on the day that was a little visit to Sculptures by the Sea at Bondi Beach, which is probably just one of those things that if you live near by, you should probably go and check it out. It is great. Just try and avoid busy days. I decided to take my boyfriend to celebrate a special day of ours, and I wasn't the only one with the grand idea to visit that day let me tell you!

See the cute little outfit I am wearing, my new favourite vintage purchase from this lovely shop. 

Sorry I don't have info about the artists for the works, I don't have the little booklet. But if you go, you can find out :)

work in progress

remember how I said that I am going to be productive and actually work and produce art. And then I started showing you some sketches see flickr. I never used to do "sketches". But I think they help give direction. 

 I even used my easel. When I grow up, I want to be an artist.

if you cruise over to the old vintage shop (well it is actually new seeing as I only just opened it!) you can check out some of these little treasures. if you so please. 

Hope the weekend was sweet for all. I know I am feeling mighty jealous that I don't live in melbourne and don't get to attend wonderful exhibitions and the like.

podcast... vodcast....

so I just discovered the ability to subscribe to podcasts, specifically abc tv related vodcasts. what a grandma I am. I can't wait to spend even more time with my eyes glued to a screen.

vintage china love:

check these babies out. go on


days are returning.

and right now I smell rain. 

Enviro love

After many friendly bloggers had talked about this lovely mag, went and got myself a copy. And oh am I glad I did.

I have always considered my self environmentally conscience, in the likes of using less water, never getting plastic shopping bags, remembering to turn things off at the power point, and more recently seeking out organic products and food. But it is amazing when you look into how far and deep and ever present the 'whole enviro thing' this. It is great. And I love learning about it. And I love the approach this mag takes. So check it. 


It is funny how this all sort of came about around the time when I opened my little vintage shop. Last year when I took the handmade pledge I have always tried to do exactly that. While I have always been a huge vintage fan, my love was more based on the fact that I love it, not because it is supporting the idea of recycling reusing, and a whole lot else in regards to production of clothing. 

I Took The Handmade Pledge! BuyHandmade.org

I love how my opinions on this have now opened an expanded into so much more than just a love for something! I mean hey, I can actually love and buy something and know that it is for the great good! hehe.

What things do you feel are important about going green and saving the environment, I love hearing what is going on in your lovely heads.

Well, let me introduce you to grandma's chest of glory. Wow. Crazy. I have opened a new shop. I have lots and lots and lots of lovely little things to add, which I shall be doing over the coming weeks.

So if vintage is your thing, and you are feeling like filling up your glory box, head on over. You just mind find something special for you!  

I really wanted to get the pictures right for this shop, because it is quite different to what I have been selling in regards to 'artwork'. I hope this will be a great little journey for us all, and I would love your support and feedback along the way too.

Just a few little things you should expect to see over in the wee shop

I have figured out that I tend to get really excited about and idea, throw myself totally into it, but never manage my time properly or really follow it through to completion. I have sooooo many little craft supplies and bits and pieces of things I have started and just never finished. It is annoying really.

That is why it is just totally normal that I am going to open up another etsy shop! Huwhahh? I hear you say. I hardly spend time on my current shop these days let alone starting something new!

Never fear. My time management skills have improvemented. And I am going to do this properly! Wee little art4friends will still be pottering around as is. And I most certainly be keeping up with this little bloggette. But soon I will be introducing you to a little treasure chest of vintage and sweet finds. All to share with you.

But this time I wont rush and try and open it right away.

So I am currently in the development stage. And then soon someday oneday I shall have a little opening of sorts.

Who knows, it could be later this afternoon! (Jokes)

Images are just to get your thoughts provoked. Photographer: Me

Get a piece of this...

It is hard to beat.

It tasted particularly good after I had just spent three hours in the garage going through the 1000 or so boxes filled with stuff. While most of it was just stuff, there were some wonderful little gems and treasures that were discovered. I shall keep you posted. 

i want

my artistic practice to be

What a feature

Just I quick little post to mention that I have featured in a wonderful online mag, Design This Design That. I am so honoured to be featured and the mag is just great! So many of my favourite artists are featured, plus lots of newies so it is definitely worth a look! 

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