I would hardly call anything I do or like boring!! (only joking) Anyway, the lovely Honor Bowden aka GalaHouse has tagged me to share six quirky yet boring, unspectacular details about myself!

So here goes it. (I am always jealous of the super fancy taggees (eg Honor!) who can make their tag details look so fun and image filled)

1. I still live at home so I am always roaringly jealous when I read my favourite blogs about home decorating. For one I don't really have the funds to support an entire home reno, and two, well, Mum is probably not really into my style!

2. Having said that, I think I am a massive 'house wife' at heart. I love food shopping, and don't mind a bit of cleaning. My most recent obsession is learning how to cook from scratch (thank you Jamie!). I think I go ok.

3. Gosh am I only at 3?? Oh why not. I love Australian Idol.

4. I also have a wii and love that too. I am anxiously awaiting that moment when I 'grow up', and start finding it inappropriate to sit on the ground in public and lose an interest in game playing at what not.... 

5. I am the type of person that when you ask me "Omg have you seen *insert movie here*!!??" I am mostly likely to say no. I have not seen many movies that people tend to title "must sees". I stick to a few favs and thats about it. 

6. This was probably a bit harder than I had originally thought! Wow. Well if are are not considering that a point, I think I am mildly dyslexic*. If I proof read over things I have written, sometimes I amaze my self at the inaccuracies. Or maybe my brain is just two steps ahead.

I think the tagging might have to stop with me. I mean, lots of my favourite blogs I am reading have already been tagged, and it may be inaaprioate to tag a complete stranger... would it?

*Hence why you may find many typos in my posts.... sorry for that!


  1. Jessie said...
    i live at home too so i feel your decorative pain!
    Jessie said...
    your in the draw for the book :)
    Honor said...
    Haha... think how crazy you can go when you do get to decorate... you'll have too many ideas to get out all at once! Thanks for playing. :-)

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