Sculptures By The Sea 08

Imag_ne by Emma Anna

First point I would like to make about my visit to Bondi this Sunday is to never attempt to leave there via public transport at around 4pm on a lovely hot day. Just to sum it up, it was chaos. About 300 people trying to pack onto buses to the city. And then the buses having to fight with the traffic. Don't try it.

Now that is over, I can focus on the day that was a little visit to Sculptures by the Sea at Bondi Beach, which is probably just one of those things that if you live near by, you should probably go and check it out. It is great. Just try and avoid busy days. I decided to take my boyfriend to celebrate a special day of ours, and I wasn't the only one with the grand idea to visit that day let me tell you!

See the cute little outfit I am wearing, my new favourite vintage purchase from this lovely shop. 

Sorry I don't have info about the artists for the works, I don't have the little booklet. But if you go, you can find out :)


  1. Anonymous said...
    What a beautiful photo of my work Renee Anne! I am so glad it struck a cord with you + that you enjoyed the SXS show.


    Emma Anna, the artist behind Imag_ne
    jade monique said...
    Adge and I were also there on Sunday! Imag_ne was my favourite too :)

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