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I wouldn't even know

if I have posted any of my New Zealand photos... (typical tourist shot alert!!)

Wanaka, New Zealand 2008

I hate being sick on hot days. How am I supposed to snuggle up in bed with my laptop and hot tea??

Going Green

John Dahlsen - Blue Rope

made from found plastic objects

collected from Australian beaches..

We all pretty much know by now that we should try and limit our plastic useage, and when we do use it, increase our reusage. I have been reusing my little plastic bags that I keep my sandwich and snacks in for work, but I think I may have found an even niftier solution. Check out these little babies, reusable sandwich pockets from biome. You will be the coolest kid in class (at least in my books anyway!)

Indifferent shivers

There are occasional moments (ok well usually once weekly) when I am driving to work at I hear a song on the radio that makes smile, shiver, tear-up, heart beat strong, generally pleased to be alive (or all of the above).

This live recording from Triple J of Ben Harper's Indifference was one of those moments. Go have a wee listen.

In the works....
gotta keep on moving.

Going Green

If you are like me and need your cappuccino hit daily (maybe even twice daily!) then you might want to think about getting yourself a niffty little reusable take-away cup. I love my T2 thermo mug that my Mum kindly bought for me, but use whatever you fancy, just try to avoid the disposable take-away cup. (Most nice coffee places should give you a discount too, if they don't, go someplace else! hehe)

Please don't forget

the poor little animals who are also being effected.

Please dontate to the RSPCA Victoria. Remember that no amount is ever too small.


Thanks Nan

Finding things you really want in Nan's cupboard
Sequin Heels.

Melbourne Bush Fires

I feel like I want to say some thing important about the tradedgy that has happened in Melbourne. But I really don't have words.

As this is a public domain I just want to say that my thoughts are with all the families effected during such a terrible time.

Make a donation: Australian Red Cross

Donations can be made using the secure online donations form or by phoning 1800 811 700.

Can I manage to

create an artwork every day?
Maybe I should aim for once a week.
I have a room full of art supplies. Yet I always seem to want to buy more.
Mission: Use up every last piece of artish supplies. Nothing new is to be purchased.
Lets get creating.

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