Sup kiddies?

Title refers to what I usually call my friends, or people I know. Whatever. It not really important.

What IS important is the eventual release of my little gift tags! all lovingly cut and tagged by me! Anyway, I am still in the process of listing some journals and what not, but they will eventually be there! So keep checking bag for gift giving greats! (whats that called, alliteration? when you have the same starting letter? Someone correct me!).

Must get back to work work work!

have a lovely day kiddies. x

I have been trying for a while now to come up with a funny post, or even just to generally become a funny blogger. There are some blogs out there that have me smiling from title to very last paragraph (and I must admit an occasional "laugh out loud"), eg studio mela blog, marmee craft. EDIT: and anna laura (lol i knew there was someone else! Well actually there are probably many many more, I love all my bloggers out there.)Sometimes it is not so much about actually being funny, but having a special way of putting things that makes me happy, and comfortable. I think I have had many posts about wanting to revolutionalise the way I post. Maybe one day. All I know is that every day when I log into my reader, I get that little pang of excitement when I see that my favourites have a new post (or even two!).

I have been working really hard in my little studio of late, trying to come up with lots of new things. Postcards, gift tags. More notebooks, they are all there way so keep your eyes peeled!!

Wishing you all the best lovely bloggers.


Over Inspired.

Do you ever get like that? Over inspired. I have so many ideas flowing at the moment, i dont know what is good, or what is rubbish. I guess I just have to spend less time worrying about it, more time creating!

Flickr has been one of those things, inspiring me and what not.

Can I just say, these are so sweet, and lovely. I was so excited to list them. I like it when you are really happy with something, the product, the images. I was experimenting a lot with the photos. playing with the EV and white balance. It was much fun. I hope you like them.

They are made with lovely cartridge art paper so its like a mini art diary with a pretty cover. I want to try and make one for every sign. So if you are interested, check out my shop

And thanks to the lovely Ali J for suggesting I whip up some of these :) :)

Only of my lovely work friends (who was actually the manager) decided that it was time she had another baby and this of course meant that a time would come when she would LEAVE! Very sad I know. I have been dying to have a go at the little sockie cat that Miyako Kanamori kindly demonstrated in the previous issue of frankie. So I thought, finally that this was a good opportunity to give it ago. And if it didnt turn out, she could have it anyway, because it would be mean of her to say that she didnt like a present that i spent so many many many hours hand sewing!

So here he is! I called him sam. I made tags and all. It was very quite tricky and after much help from google with basic stitches and such I think you could say that I was happy with the result. (However I did add some little shorts that I also hand sewed due to some minor disasters in between his legs hehe)

So happy in fact that I went and bought the book so I can make many many many more sockie and glove creatures! so stay tuned people :P

Suggest me some MUSIC

hello friends. I have some store credit for the itunes store. I don't really want to by an album, because I like the real thing. But can anyone suggest to me any songs or artists that I might like. Im open to anything really. Some current music I am enjoying is Josh Pyke, Whitely, Sufjan Stevens, Feist, Angus and Julia Stone, etc etc.

And just a little image from the new series over at the etsy shop. Give them some loving and attention.

while i am waiting for my images to upload i just thought Id let you know about the update of new prints going on in the shop! right now! hehe. As you might have guessed, there are still ten more to go!!

what's your sign?

EDIT: all twelve are in the shop now. wow. that took forever!!!

just a little announcement that I decided to get orgainsed and make a little mini models prints set, featuring all 7 of my models from 'the fashionable story'. the set comes with mini ACEO style versions of the prints, and i think this is a cute and affordable way to collect the set in style!

check them out in the etsy shop.

In other etsy news, please please stay tuned for a little shop update happening on monday (australia time). So keep your eyes peeled for something star and signy. ;)

have a lovely night!

what's your star sign?

I have been busy busy busy working on a little (or quite possible BIG) shop update at a date TBA. But ill give you a little preview. If you like zodiac signs, cute illustrations, quirky fashion and all things pretty I think you might just like a bit of this....

Stay tuned. Ill announce a date sooooooon. xx

I have been tagged by the lovely anna laura. I think i may have done the tagging thing once before, but here goes.
7 facts about me.... relating to who knows what.

1. Today marks the start of my weekend. Today is actually tuesday, but due to the unfortunateness of me not having a full time (or even part time) job I have to live by the rubbish of casual work. This means unexpected and inconsistent hours. This also means some weeks I am rich and some I am poor. My actual point is that I just work 5 days straight (WOAH!) which I am happy about, especially now since my weekend begins mid week.

2. So, being the start of the weekend, I allowed my self to sleep in till 10 am. I then ate my breakfast. And then the fun begins. I made many attempts in hanging out a load of queen size bed sheets and a doona cover. This is a difficult task on a good day, however today, I had my darling puppy making the effort so much bigger. (jumping, pulling etc.)

3. While I was reluctant to reward her, (but look, how could i stay mad at that face) I decided it was time for her walk. She is about three times the size as the picture how, (ohhh) and we put a harness on her so she doesnt slip out of her lead. This is normally relatively easy. Today, it was not. After much biting, pulling and fighting and yelling, I finally got the silly harness on her (which was looking a bit worse for wear, and i think was ready to snap) and took her for a fun jolly walk.

4. Got home. Put maggie (puppy) in the back yard. Hung out another load of washing. (maggie was a bit tired so she wasn't as difficult). Had a shower to relax and get ready for a day in the studio.

5. Everything sounded a little too calm outside. I went to check on the washing. Sure enough, the big queen sized sheet had been pulled of and was now lying in a pile in the mud. The clean, freshly washed sheet. Now dirty again. aHHHHHHHHh. But again, re: photo above, how can I stay mad!

6. Finally, time to sit in the studio and get some work done! I have bit plans you see, just you wait. I poured my self a big glass of water and settled down. All the mornings activities was such hard work! hmm, my ipod cable isnt working, maybe I should get another, I thought. As i moved to get out of my seat, I knocked that large, and nicely chilled glass of water over. With its entire contents spilling all over my desk, covering this very laptop, my ipod, my phone, power cords, and anything else electrical in sight.

7. As if this day could not get any worse! Coffee time. Sat down and opened inbox. 2 new emails. One read 'Etsy Transactions'. This day just got soooooooooooo much better.

Ahh that was exciting.

and now for the formalities.

And the rules:

1. Link to your tagger and post these rules on your blog.

2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.

3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.

4. Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

Now go forth and tag

I choose... hmmmm
studio mela
creative flutter
and mercers daughter

Happy tagging! and have a lovely day :D

I think its meant to be seven, but thats just too much effort! :D

Blind Contour Everyday

Having always been a fan of blind contour drawing, I decided to start a little project. A while ago i bought a lovely notebook with handmade paper and I have always been too nervous to use it. I wanted it to be something special. I decided that I was going to do a blind contour drawing in it everyday of whatever reference I felt like. So I did.

Oh and I also decided to make a little flickr group to encourage my little challange to myself. So please, I would love you all to join me! click here and join!

Happy drawing!

After some much helpful advice from such a lovely fellow illustrator Ali J I have decided its time to set my self some goals. What am I hoping to achieve as an illustrator over the next year? While I love selling on etsy, and hopefully I can do more of that over this year (and try and introduce some new and exciting things into my little shop.) I would love to have some more places, real world places stock my work. Well actually, not even real world places, internety places are good too, but anyway, you get my drift. There might be some excitement in this department to be revealed at a later date, however I still aim to have my worked stocked in a selection of, lets say 5 different places by the end of the year! Currently the lovely folks over at Gallery696 are doing wonderful things with selling my creations, but this has given me a taste for more!

All just thinking out load really. But they say goal setting is important.

dont forget the button badge sale!

lots of love.

i have (drastically lol) reduced all my little button set prices to $1.50 in my etsy shop. So if you have ever been interested in them, now it the time to grab one or two or three!!!

Happy button day!

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