a little sockie attempt.

Only of my lovely work friends (who was actually the manager) decided that it was time she had another baby and this of course meant that a time would come when she would LEAVE! Very sad I know. I have been dying to have a go at the little sockie cat that Miyako Kanamori kindly demonstrated in the previous issue of frankie. So I thought, finally that this was a good opportunity to give it ago. And if it didnt turn out, she could have it anyway, because it would be mean of her to say that she didnt like a present that i spent so many many many hours hand sewing!

So here he is! I called him sam. I made tags and all. It was very quite tricky and after much help from google with basic stitches and such I think you could say that I was happy with the result. (However I did add some little shorts that I also hand sewed due to some minor disasters in between his legs hehe)

So happy in fact that I went and bought the book so I can make many many many more sockie and glove creatures! so stay tuned people :P

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  1. Shelli said...
    omgosh! I think sam is the cutest little dude ever! You did a fantastic job...I so wish I could sew! (I once sewed a pillow I was making to my pants I was wearing...true story! and it wasnt pretty)


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