Blind Contour Everyday

Having always been a fan of blind contour drawing, I decided to start a little project. A while ago i bought a lovely notebook with handmade paper and I have always been too nervous to use it. I wanted it to be something special. I decided that I was going to do a blind contour drawing in it everyday of whatever reference I felt like. So I did.

Oh and I also decided to make a little flickr group to encourage my little challange to myself. So please, I would love you all to join me! click here and join!

Happy drawing!


  1. Shelli said...
    sounds soo fun! if i had more time i would totally join up. that kind of stuff is right up my alley!

    cool sissors btw!

    xoxo ~shells
    tabitha said...
    what a fun idea. i want to try do some sort of drawing everyday
    Unknown said...
    Hey Renee,

    I have tagged you in my blog!

    Plus the blind contour drawings are such a great idea. I always get my students to do them when they start drawing. They hate them and can never see the amazingness in them, and think I'm a big fake when I start oohing and aaing over them and laugh at the crazy lady who likes scribbles.
    Mandy @ Belle and Boo said...
    I don't think I could draw scissors that good with my eyes open. Isn't starting a new sketch book the scariest thing ever, I usually end up ripping out the first few pages and then abandon the book half way through in favour of a new one and then start the whole silly process all over again!!
    Mandy :)
    Megan Tucker said...
    lol blind drawing takes me back to uni days... i did so much of that!!

    Thankyou for your lovely comment!
    katelynjane said...
    I love that picture of the scissors (: I'll have t check out your Flickr group!

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