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you need to see it now!

Renovation Rescue

I finally finally finally finished cleaning up my room. This has been a marathon effort that has involved many days of hard sweaty work, many many trips to the rubbish bin (I cannot believe how much junk and rubbish a small bedroom can hold. Marry Poppins!) I think I can finally say that my room has nothing left but clothes and a place to sleep. Hehe. But it is rewarding to finally have it looking nice, its just a matter of how long it will stay that way....

lets aim for forever

i need to find my

niche, or nook, or something like that. I need time to get into a rhythm, get ideas flowing, make things happen. I need time, Ill try do this when I get back...

Im going camping for the weekend, chow folks!

that is apart of the shop update i am currently working on. have a squiz at etsy

Shop renovation

starting tomorrow. not starting over but changing things up. shall keep you posted.

Some busy few days

Over the last few days I finally found a few moments to my self (despite my brother just getting a new puppy!! Photos soon to come). So I got drawing and come up with two very different, and I guess equally experimental pieces. The first one (top) I guess is more similar to my "usual" however I drew on textured paper which was a bit tricky to handle. I then cut out a window for the top and stuck some lovely material that my nan gave me behind. I have made some prints onto the same paper that I drew them on, (the texture is lovely). And you have check them out in my shop.

This second one I decided to introduce two ladies! The model I drew these from name is sarah, hence the title sarahsarah. This was drawn in graphite then digitally coloured and then printed onto stonehenge, but it was so hard then to get the colours right when i rescanned the print. I did my best, but if you are interested in a print the colours may vary slighty ;)
This is one of my biggest prints at 8x10 in so i can included a detail shot so you can see some, well, detail!!! they should be in my shop now (or if you are a super quick blog reader maybe very soon! )

I hope you day is being kind :D

Sufjan Stevens

Last night. State Theatre. Me and boyfriend. To see Sufjan Stevens

It was very very very good. Listen to his songs. They are just great.

Curvy 5

This year I had a crack at trying out for Curvy 5. I have loved every years collection of artists for curvy and I thought, omg I so want to be apart of that. lol. Anyways I havent "revealed" the artwork i sent in, im not sure if its right to show it yet or not, but you will no doubt see it soon, whether i make it or not.

I know lots of talented artists that are trying this year, and many of the old favourites, so im super nervous, but hopeful.

eeek wish me luck.

a crack at ebay

Here are a few of the little vintage items I am hoping to sell on ebay. I dug them out of the garage the other day, after they have been hiding there for many years, and to my surprise they were in perfect condition! After I gave them a good clean I was amazed at hour good they came up, Ill actually be sad to get rid of them. But I just dont think they can handle being stuffed in the boxes any longer. here are all the items I have listed at the moment! I spent a lot of time making them look all pretty! (im very fussy with my formatting hehe) so have a look, and maybe even a bid!! click click for vintage treasures!

happy new year post.

I think this may well be my first post for 2008. I thought I better get into it, make sure everyone knows I survived the new year! (only just). Lately I have been very busy relaxing. I really should be creating lots and lots. and I will. But also lately I have been very busy taking photos of lovely old vintage ornaments to have a crack at selling on ebay! I sure will keep you posted.

Just thought I would share one of my lovely christmas presents! I am so excited to be the owner of one of these! I got lots of lovely other things too, I was very happy. Did everyone get nice presents?

Also, If you have some spare time, check out the new survey!

I did initally enter to win the 100$ shopping spree, but I have just realised that it is only for US. Oh well, I am still happy to provide feedback, so please have a go to!!

Hope all is well in Jan.

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