Curvy 5

This year I had a crack at trying out for Curvy 5. I have loved every years collection of artists for curvy and I thought, omg I so want to be apart of that. lol. Anyways I havent "revealed" the artwork i sent in, im not sure if its right to show it yet or not, but you will no doubt see it soon, whether i make it or not.

I know lots of talented artists that are trying this year, and many of the old favourites, so im super nervous, but hopeful.

eeek wish me luck.


  1. amy said...
    oh good luck! your work is lovely :)
    Unknown said...
    I can't wait to see what you put forward. It is hard applying for things and then waiting to hear back. Good luck!
    Melissa said...
    Good luck!
    jade monique said...
    when do you find out my love? if you make it, i shotgun accompanying you to the launch. haha

    also, my name was never in the press. they lied. LIED i tell you!!

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