to think that I have to spend my limited limited spare time attending all the lovely 21st Birthday Parties that are all going around at the moment. What a chore! hehe. (and mine is not too far away!)

Thanks for all the lovely words, I will find the time to catch up with everyone, even if it is in 5 years time. But still. Keep an eye out folks. Time to be creatin' soon. xxx

where did she go??

for those avid readers of my blog (hehe im sure there are tons! lol) that are wondering what happened to me, just a quick note to let you know that I am still alive, I am still trying to be creative, and keep up with everyones blogs etc etc but my 'artistic' time is so very limited at the moment.

but never fear. that time shall someday come. i hope.

hope all is swell and well!


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