A while ago i encouraged my boyfriend to open up an etsy store, with the hope that he might sell a few of his handprinted tees! unfortunately, while he has been doing really well selling through another site, (check it out here and by promoting through his myspace so far etsy has not served him well. So i just thought id give a little promo and urge you to check out his etsy store!!!! Let me know what you think!

not something that i typically spend my time doing, however a recent project had my drawing lots of abstract drawings that ultimately created an animation. i should think about uploading that but it seems too tricky.

anyway, these are a selection of 30 drawings i did that all "flowed" from one to the next.
they would look rather lovely framed as a part of a series and if you are interested in such a think these ones are available for sale over in my etsy shop

they are only $28 each and all in my post below you will see an offer regarding shipping which you should also take advantage of!

take care

Check out my lasted deal on the new indie contests site!

Go have a look, if shipping has been holding you back, here is your chance!

limited offer

and he is kind enough to mention me also!

he has been developing his little clothing label for a bout six months now, about as long as i have been developing my little art4friends creations. through the wonderful world of myspace is was asked if he wanted to have an interview done for an online mag! may not seem big to some, but i was very excited by this.

it actually turned out really great with pictures of our models and everything, so you should definitely have a look at the article. it is generally a great mag.

check it!
just click on the link to fashion and then click
foreshore clothing

Foreshore Dynamic features in this months edition of DirrtyGlam.

The COFA Spring Fair!

On Saturday 15th Sept my boyfriend and I ventured to my Uni, College of Fine Arts, and set up our stall. For many weeks prior we were busy making and creating in order to stock up our stall, and despite the tiredness of the day, I think our stall looking pretty impressive. We mainly sold my boyfriends clothing range foreshore dynamic (check it out) and I had some art work and by button badges for sale. James sold lots and lots and did very well. I sold one drawing and lots of badges so that was very exciting. I want to be in more markets and fairs!

contest contest!!!

indie public a networking site i have a profile on has a new site called indiecontest. Basically it runs contests and advertises deals for you. It is wonderful. So here it is. The first art4friends contest. Click here to pick a print to win that print!!

Go on. You have nothing to loose!

Yay, it is the latest drawing from renee anne! This one is a graphite drawing which i added the little colour with photoshop. I drew this from a photo from my boyfriends clothing labels photo shoot. Check out his myspace where you can see all the great photos and clothes.

Using the new redbubble site that I joined, see post below, here is my latest listing with what I have done with the drawing. There are more over there so please, go have a look! They are for sale!

Hope all is well, feel free to say hello!

basically just another wonderful online community. but this one does the creating for me. i just provide my creations!

please check it out and support art4friends

just another

another place where i sell my creations. I dont know how effective it is having so many stores, but basically I just love being apart of these communities so its just great for me to have my little bit.

Its only just starting out, but please feel free to check it out.

Mintd Banner

prints and prints

the latest digital prints available for sale at my shops, etsy and made it. They were drawn a few years ago and coloured digitally, but I still like them and thought I should share, with you all. Please enjoy!

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