shop update!

just a quick mention before i head off to sleep that over the next few days ill be updating the shop with these babies!

click image to go to shop

I am so excited to finally have them in my shop!!

sweet dreams!

I thought that it was time for me to share some photos of my latest addition to the house! My very pretty, very lighty fiber optic christmas tree! No need for lights, it lights up itself. Annnnnd it SPINS! hehe. Its only little but its very lovely.

I also started wrapping some of my presents! They are all in brown paper tied up with string (those are a few of my favourite things hehe). And of course, my favourite edition to the wrapping is the little gift tags that I downloaded from lilly piri blog!. They are so sweet and wonderful and I suggest you printing off a few for your own wrapping!

Christmas is so close!

to do list -

  • finish all christmas shopping! (and the best bit WRAPPING!) (need to get paid to finish this task)
  • clean up rooms (I have taken over too bedrooms in my house!!)
  • create create create!!! take photos of some new exciting things for the shop. and get making on some new exciting things.
  • take a photo of my christmas tree so i can show you how pretty it is.

i dont like posting without a photo. but i really have nothing to show you :(

the etsy success.

I sure do spend a lot of time checking out the successful stores of etsy. Maybe its an obsession of mine, maybe it is just because I look at these stores with such amazement and think to my self.... wow. I guess it gives me something to aspire to.

What I have started to notice is that these very successful stores, e.g. ashleyg and the black apple have such hugely successful (or would you say popular) blogs. Everything stems from their blog. kitty genius and inside a black apple. When they are next posting something original or rare so people can be there the second they post it. Right down to what they ate for breakfast. They have a following of people.

I love posting blogs, i love reading blogs and i love having a blog. I dont want my blog to be just about every time I post something new in my shop. But then again that is largely what I am excited about. What interests people enough to come back to my blog? I would love to know if anyone did stalk my blog, like I stalk so many others. hehe.

Well that was just a little bit of self expression for you all. Maybe you need to expect more of this.

But a post is not a post without a picture!

just a little Polaroid of mine

a few more ladies

Just though I would mention that two more of my fashionable story ladies are now available as prints in my shop

They are to go with the previous 5 I posted a while back! I had so much fun making this series and i cant wait to explore more artistic methods in the near future!!!

Hope everyone is looking forward to christmas~!!

art4friends feature!

just excited to announce that I have been featured on the dawanda shop directory. there is even a little interview. be sure to check it out, it is a great directory.

calendar time!

just a quick mention that i have made a little calendar for 2008!! I prob should mention that you can grab these at my etsy, made it, and daWanda in case you prefer shopping it any of those lovely sites!! I hope you like it!

little card packs

hello all,
hope everyone had a nice weekend. when i get around to it and i stop being lazy im going to post come pictures of architecture in helsinki. I saw them play on sat night and they were great!

for the moment i have been making some little handmade card packs! I think they are rather lovely, well i love the paper they are printed on, and a pack of four is available in my shop so let me know what you think!

Also i have been changing things around over at my redbubble account, so you can get yourself some tees and cards over there too, so you could go have a look! its a great community!

Buy my art

feel free to say hello!

have a lovely day

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