happy spring time southern hemisphere
friends! and for those northen friends,
I wish you happiness too.

because you will all benefit
from this little offer...


In my shops here;
and here.

now is the time to start getting
organised for... (I am just going to say it..)

lovely lovely Leeloo.

friends, family and strangers, just a little reminder that the fantastic online shop Leeloo, is not only a super place to buy sweet Australian handmade things and gifts, but also stocks pocket mirrors made by, well, me!. [excitement I KNOW!]

It is a super sweet place to shop, especially for gifts. Leeloo is my go-to place for my favourite Mags and Zines [like Peppermint and Mix Tape] and look, they even have father's day covered with this super cool deal!.

I love what Leeloo has done, and is continuing to do for this "community" as we know it, and at risk of sounding mushy, it really is rather heart warming. Naww.

Stay tuned people.

shaken not stirred

Feel the burn

freshly tin grown


don't get me wrong, I have (and probably will do again) eaten all of these foods before. but I just seem to work better running on natures fuel. enjoy these. and watch for more my friends.

art. love. food. life.

It is places like this that make me wish I was a photographer.







photo's by me.

well I was all set up on my boyfriends laptop, about to write a blog post titled "#TECHNOLOGYFAIL", because for the last hour my laptop has not been working.

but it suddenly is now, so all is fine. I don't know how it happened, but it is not up to me to question the almighty mac.

instead, I shall blog about something more visually exciting. the beginnings of a new series I am working on. working title shall be.... "chemical cocktail". but that will probably change.

so here we are.




pen on recycled cardboard.

and thank you to a lovely flickr person - (who actually turns out to be rebecca murphy![sweet artist!] for passing on this hilariously relevant (and not to mention cute) clip.

I read, oh I don't know, maybe 100 blog posts a day. and that is just the ones from my reader.
Usually those posts result in my clicking through to more posts and more posts and then I have to get out my wetsuit because I get up to some crazy internet surfing. I love internet surfing.

sometimes, I think it is nice to say thanks for all those posts. To someone at least.
so these are my top five blog posts of the week. if you are not here, you are still top too.

one [and every link it refers to]
two [because I wish I did this]
three [ahhhhhh heaven]
four [not only is she an amazing artist...]
five [I love anything to do with artist studios]

oh, right. and that is in no particular order folks!
you can do a post like this too if you like? share the love.

OH! Is it too late to add a sixth?
[Danni makes me so so so happy {but so jealous} at the same time ;)]

Supermarket Shopping

As much as I am against food supermarkets, super cool web-based art and design sort of ones are totally fine by me.

In fact they are very fine and you might remember my excitement from here.

Well that excitement has increased greatly since I have been accepted as a seller at the wonderful here design and art online store.

If you haven't checked it out yet, get excited.

In other news,
I have been trying to get some
more pictures happening for my
Giclee prints that I sell
(here AND NOW Supermarket ),
so would love to know what you think?
Do they entice you to buy? hehe

oh my life.

my boyfriend sometimes tells me about how he and his mate have "oh my life" chats.

you know, where they get so confused and worried and weirded out about life and the future and what the hell it all means that their head gets so messed up and they talk in circles and they fear everything that moves? (Ok maybe not quite that bad, but you get me right?).

I know the feeling he means, because I have those moments sometimes too. the whole "meaning of life" thoughts. they are just fantastic.....

well anyway, I thought I would inspire some of that thinking with these two videos. my nan sent me the first one, which I think is pretty sweet, but the second one. if you haven't seen the second one you REALLY have got to watch it. just be prepared for some serious 'oh my life' thinking.

what do you think? tell me your 'oh my life' thoughts in the comments.

Midnight Youth.




Last night I had a bit of a fantastic evening at the Annandale seeing and supporting my boyfriends old school friends band.

Midnight Youth are from New Zealand, and are rather famous over there. Now they are having a go here in Australia, and I seriously think they are amazing. One of the best live bands I have seen in a long time.

Check them out, it wont make you sad, in fact it will make you very happy. (They have an album due out in October {or out now on iTunes})

The iPhone photos are fantastic arn't they (ha!). My boyfriend was that impressed he has followed them to their show tonight in Wollongong! Dedication!

Midnight Youth - All On Our Own from Midnight Youth on Vimeo.

The lead singers voice is just as fantastic live. Hell, better even.

for no reason, and in no
particular order.
all artists are linked with the
corresponding numbers below.

to any new followers. welcome. I hope you like your stay.

take me back to vegas

new series of illustrations by me of my friends.



I always love to hear your thoughts.
Thank you for being amazing.

my flickr; what's yours?

I have been doing a bit of thinking lately about keeping to a certain style, and having a 'brand' as an artist. You see, if we talk strickly internet for a moment, I have found that there tends to be two groups of artists/illustrators/creators/crafters.

There are those who clearly have a strict idea, vision and as a result a brand.
And then there are those who sort of float along creating at will, and changing with the seasons.

I have seen both of these groups be extremely successful. I have days where I look at the branders and think "gosh I need a plan, I need a vision, I need a 'logo' that doesn't change every week". I usually have a bit of a play, change my banners around, print new business cards, make new icons. I will feel happy for about a week, and then see something better and will want to change it all over again.

Other days, I think "Nup, I am an artist, I don't need a logo. Just write down your name, stick up some recent work and you are good to go." Maybe this would work best for me. Maybe I need to get my self some sort of text based logo that can then play and work with my current illustrations.

Because I don't really sell a 'product' I think it makes things a little trickier. You may or may not have also noticed I am phasing out the "art4friends" name. Well, I think I am, but sometimes I think I want it back. 'renee anne' is my name, yet lots of artists do go by a "brand name" I suppose.

Sorry I am rambling now.

What do you think?
Should I think about making a specific logo?
Should I keep art4friends as a name?
Help me lovelies.

[banners used in order
of appearance; Able and Game;

thanks Frankie for the link to this fantastic site called supermarket. I think my head is close to exploding from all the stuff I want to purchase.

While I believe the site is American,
they do stock some amazing
things from amazing Australians,
such as the above mobile by Pukapuka mobiles
(doesn't the picture look like it could
be an amazing painting or something
- gosh can I say amazing anymore times!)

I am a very lucky girl

You may remember from an old post that I was keen for a custom bag from ReJenerate. Well my lovely sweet mum did a sneaky and organised to get me one made for my birthday. I think it is the best present I have ever got and I just can't get over how amazing it is in real life.

Do you self a favour and get something from ReJenerate, Jen is just fantastic.

I also took the plunge and got the shoes, and my sweet sweet FREE jacket from Frankie arrived too (with a sweet little extra somethin' from ???? [anyone know who made the necklace?] turn me on design [Thanks Leeloo!]). I am so spoilt. x

Happy Birthday Nanna.

My beautiful Nanna turns 70 today. I think this is pretty amazing.
I wish I had a photo of her to share. I have so many. But they are on my old computer.
(Or in her photo albums). Whenever I visit her I always go through her photo albums. It doesn't matter how many times I look I always see something new.

The photos I have shared are of my mum. She was returning home after a cruise. She was coming back from the world of holidays to her 'real life' and I just love this moment that has been captured. I can almost feel what she is thinking. Yet this moment happened before I was even a twinkle in her eye.

The poem below is one my Nan wrote. For me. She created a book for me which she gave me on my 18th birthday. One verse was written every year. And she teamed the words on the page with photos and collected keepsakes.

I really must remember how special my Nan and Mum are in my life and make sure I appreciate it.

For Renee
(written by my Nan)

Tiny baby in the cradle, so little do you know
How we all will love and watch you, wait for your to grow.

The first twelve months have moulded you, and sent you on your way,
To fill our hearts with gentle joy, and light each dawning day.

A second birthday celebrates another learning year
And every day in every way, you only grow more dear.

But now your brother has arrived, a playmate just for you,
A son for Mummy and for Dad, will now complete the crew.

A four year old that’s growing fast, a brother that is too
The dummy and the nappies gone, the pre-school waits for you.

Now five you are and oh so smart, at pre-school settled in
A challenge in your early life – you meet it with a grin.

At six years old you now attend a kindergarten new
Your missing tooth cannot effect the pride that shines from you.

Your spirit and your energy are wondrous to behold.
Through you I learn it all anew and watch your life unfold.

With changes all around us now, we face them as we can
To learn and grow, this should be so, and follow nature’s plan.

At school your ease of learning and your training starts to show,
Committing to yourself each day, beginnings that will grow.

You now have reached the age of ten, and so grown up it seems
Deep lies within a hidden well, the essence of your dreams.

With ‘deer like’ eyes and long brown hair, and legs that ever grow,
To sing and dance with attitude is what you want to show.

This year will be a turning point, as high school looms in view
Behind we leave the little girl as teenage waits for you.

Aged thirteen now and growing fast, you have become a star
First year high school, first place in year, we know you will go far.

Your excellence is shining through in many different ways
Achieving what you grasp to reach, we quietly sing your praise.

A fledging bird will try its wings, (I sense it now in you)
And so aware as my heart sings, a dream that’s coming true.

To start out as a lovely flower, with beauty unrevealed
Until one day, all in God’s time, her promise is unsealed.

My story ends as yours begins, a story that is true
So every step that you will take, now, Nee, is up to you.

Little baby in the cradle, you are an adult now
Your hopes and dreams have grown with you, so baby take a bow!

She almost didn't make it there alive.
After some disturbing photos from 696
gallery, it was brought to my attention
never to trust Australia Post with your life.

I believe she is ok now, and all things going well
SHOULD be on display at the wonderful 696 Gallery.
But maybe you could just go along for me. And let me
know if TIGER BRIDE is still dancing.

Tiger Bride


Opening FRI 7th AUGUST
Runs 5th - 19th August
696 Sydney Rd, Brunswick

(Melbourne! So I can't even go!)

oh dear. sometimes with my addiction to the internet I forgot to nurture the raging love that I have for books. before this crazy kids phase known to some as "blogging", I used to spend hours, jealously pouring over books in the MCA or in big fancy book stores in the city.

I think we can all consider ourselves extremely lucky to have access to amazing images and inspiration pretty much whenever we want it. But it is also important to remember that other senses will feel neglected if we just use our eyes all day long. It is hard to go past the feeling of the weight of a book on your lap, or the smell of a brand new (or even old) book.

I tend to make it a rule to have no computer before breakfast. or during. I like to read while having breaky, usually magazines, sometimes books. And I think my shelves need some lovin'. wishlist time!

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