oh my life.

my boyfriend sometimes tells me about how he and his mate have "oh my life" chats.

you know, where they get so confused and worried and weirded out about life and the future and what the hell it all means that their head gets so messed up and they talk in circles and they fear everything that moves? (Ok maybe not quite that bad, but you get me right?).

I know the feeling he means, because I have those moments sometimes too. the whole "meaning of life" thoughts. they are just fantastic.....

well anyway, I thought I would inspire some of that thinking with these two videos. my nan sent me the first one, which I think is pretty sweet, but the second one. if you haven't seen the second one you REALLY have got to watch it. just be prepared for some serious 'oh my life' thinking.

what do you think? tell me your 'oh my life' thoughts in the comments.


  1. Ashlee Maegan said...
    Insane! Bigdog is kinda scary. The first video is so thought provoking.

    I have so many 'oh my life' thoughts, these days not so much. It actually caused me to become depressed and have panic!

    Soon life will become so fast that we wont even have the human ability to keep up.
    Sara Downton said...
    i always get twisted up thinking about what if we just weren't. if there was no one or nothing. then i shiver a bit and force myself to look at the sun and sky and feel the wind on my skin.

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