shaken not stirred

Feel the burn

freshly tin grown


don't get me wrong, I have (and probably will do again) eaten all of these foods before. but I just seem to work better running on natures fuel. enjoy these. and watch for more my friends.


  1. Jason said...
    Wow. This is the first time I've clicked on this blog and these images are really great! I'll still eat some of this stuff but I don't disagree with the sentiments either.
    Here I scribble said...
    nice images
    Jono said...
    Thanks for you comments renee. You have a nice blog, it seems to be doing well!
    Jessie said...
    i really like these renee, so true about all the hidden things in our food sort of scary. and i like the style of the actual illustrations,the contrasting is great.can't wait to see more
    Sophie Munns said...
    hi renee,
    these look great...people are responding to jason said....we eat things that we know are not good...but that doesn't mean we dont need reminding. Its the truth and its clear and these work!
    thankls for lovely email the other so busy and distracted I didn't not follow up even though will...
    enjoy spring!
    sophie x

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