I am a very lucky girl

You may remember from an old post that I was keen for a custom bag from ReJenerate. Well my lovely sweet mum did a sneaky and organised to get me one made for my birthday. I think it is the best present I have ever got and I just can't get over how amazing it is in real life.

Do you self a favour and get something from ReJenerate, Jen is just fantastic.

I also took the plunge and got the shoes, and my sweet sweet FREE jacket from Frankie arrived too (with a sweet little extra somethin' from ???? [anyone know who made the necklace?] turn me on design [Thanks Leeloo!]). I am so spoilt. x


  1. Leeloo said...
    That looks like a fiddlesticks necklace maybe?
    rejenerate said...
    Aw I'm sooo glad you like your new bag. Your mum is the sweetest :)
    renee anne said...
    hehe of course!

    hmm thanks, I shall do a quick google now!
    Jessie said...
    the bag looks so lovely! and the shoes look great too, good on you for getting them :) i got a great pair at the market today which i love mainly because they are navy + red :)

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