lovely lovely Leeloo.

friends, family and strangers, just a little reminder that the fantastic online shop Leeloo, is not only a super place to buy sweet Australian handmade things and gifts, but also stocks pocket mirrors made by, well, me!. [excitement I KNOW!]

It is a super sweet place to shop, especially for gifts. Leeloo is my go-to place for my favourite Mags and Zines [like Peppermint and Mix Tape] and look, they even have father's day covered with this super cool deal!.

I love what Leeloo has done, and is continuing to do for this "community" as we know it, and at risk of sounding mushy, it really is rather heart warming. Naww.

Stay tuned people.

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  1. Leeloo said...
    Have I told you how awesome you are today? xxoo

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