It is places like this that make me wish I was a photographer.







photo's by me.


  1. Michelle said...
    dear Renee...
    I think the rawness of a camera phone worked really well for some of these shots...
    If you track down "arthurscircus" and check out her will get some ideas...she has a spread in Inside Out mag this month...and they are shots of everyday "old" bathrooms and taps and laundry mats etc...very raw but really amazing...
    renee anne said...
    Hi Michelle,

    Oh thank you for your lovely comment. I think that is what I like about them too. The grainy look.

    Funny you should mention Arthurs Circus, because I spend AGES in her online shop yesterday wanting to buy everything, after seeing that fantastic Inside Out spread. But thank you so much for the tip, because you suggestion is spot on!!!

    Renee x
    Unknown said...
    Hi Renee,

    I love the shots, especially the triangle graffiti symbol and the next one with an interesting circle. You really do know how to work a camera.

    Thanks for sharing.
    bathmate said...
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    bathmate said...
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    Nick said...
    good job
    Nick Matyas said...
    Awesome posting man!
    You are a great blogger. I like your work. Truly you are a genius.
    Keep up the good work Man!!

    renee anne said...
    @ Nick Matyas :: Thanks!

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