Well, let me introduce you to grandma's chest of glory. Wow. Crazy. I have opened a new shop. I have lots and lots and lots of lovely little things to add, which I shall be doing over the coming weeks.

So if vintage is your thing, and you are feeling like filling up your glory box, head on over. You just mind find something special for you!  

I really wanted to get the pictures right for this shop, because it is quite different to what I have been selling in regards to 'artwork'. I hope this will be a great little journey for us all, and I would love your support and feedback along the way too.

Just a few little things you should expect to see over in the wee shop

I have figured out that I tend to get really excited about and idea, throw myself totally into it, but never manage my time properly or really follow it through to completion. I have sooooo many little craft supplies and bits and pieces of things I have started and just never finished. It is annoying really.

That is why it is just totally normal that I am going to open up another etsy shop! Huwhahh? I hear you say. I hardly spend time on my current shop these days let alone starting something new!

Never fear. My time management skills have improvemented. And I am going to do this properly! Wee little art4friends will still be pottering around as is. And I most certainly be keeping up with this little bloggette. But soon I will be introducing you to a little treasure chest of vintage and sweet finds. All to share with you.

But this time I wont rush and try and open it right away.

So I am currently in the development stage. And then soon someday oneday I shall have a little opening of sorts.

Who knows, it could be later this afternoon! (Jokes)

Images are just to get your thoughts provoked. Photographer: Me

Get a piece of this...

It is hard to beat.

It tasted particularly good after I had just spent three hours in the garage going through the 1000 or so boxes filled with stuff. While most of it was just stuff, there were some wonderful little gems and treasures that were discovered. I shall keep you posted. 

i want

my artistic practice to be

What a feature

Just I quick little post to mention that I have featured in a wonderful online mag, Design This Design That. I am so honoured to be featured and the mag is just great! So many of my favourite artists are featured, plus lots of newies so it is definitely worth a look! 

It has been too long since I logged into deviantART. I remember there was a time I would spend hours on that site. Before myspace, before facebook, before blogging, before art4friends, before adult life. 

I am determined to get through my new deviations. And find super sweet jems like this. 

Orange Mornings again. by =bo88y on deviantART

Just some pieces that have been filling the sketchbook of late. 

Yes, it might be different, but its still me

Hello all, how is everyone going and feeling? You ready for this one? If you are a keen reader then settle yourself in with a coffee and come cookies as this might be a long one. Maybe. Not really planned at this stage. If this is your first time reading my little bloggy, then welcome, I hope this will be the first of many, especially after my promise to blog more. and more.

Goal Setting
One of my biggest "goals" has always been to goal set. I always try, but I never end up getting it right, or following it through. So maybe I need to make these little goals and ideas public.

At the moment though, I am not really sure what I want. For the past year and a bit I have had art4friends running around, although probably only a good 6 months of that time was ever fully focused on working towards making something happen there. Lately I have been the most slack. I have been working my job a lot more, and uni as still been floating around, so whenever I do have anytime I feel that its got "quality" time and sort of just dont really do anything. Yes I have still been creating. But not so much sharing, networking, and what have you. I think it is because I am still finding myself as an artist and maybe I wanted some more direction or something.

1. Remain actively involved in this wonderfully little artistic community I sort of only have one toe in at the moment. 

I have to just get up and do it.
Read more blogs. (I still read all my faves, but I really need to comment and be more involved!
Post more blogs.
Be inspired.

2. Keep creating. More. 
I really just have to get all my bits and pieces organised and just keep creating. There are so many amazing exhibition opportunities going. I need to utilise them. Now. Or at least soon.

Just a little page from the sketch book. Different to my norm, I know. I have lots planned. I just need to do it. 

Life Setting
I think I have gotten a bit 'stuck in a rut'-ish. I have a little over a year to finish my degree, B Art Education, but all I keep thinking is that I dont want to be an art teacher. Its annoying. I love love love art but now I know that if I end up in a career of art teaching my whole life, I can just see myself getting stuck in that little pocket and missing out on all I want to do creatively. I dont know, maybe. Who knows. Any life advice?


I am now the very proud owner of this. After a little minor tea spilling incident on the old PC laptop, it was time that I got a new one. And I made the switch. Ooo. So no excuses for me to not blog and be here and thrive!

I shall keep it touch people. 

All for now. xx

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