Goal setting, life setting.

Hello all, how is everyone going and feeling? You ready for this one? If you are a keen reader then settle yourself in with a coffee and come cookies as this might be a long one. Maybe. Not really planned at this stage. If this is your first time reading my little bloggy, then welcome, I hope this will be the first of many, especially after my promise to blog more. and more.

Goal Setting
One of my biggest "goals" has always been to goal set. I always try, but I never end up getting it right, or following it through. So maybe I need to make these little goals and ideas public.

At the moment though, I am not really sure what I want. For the past year and a bit I have had art4friends running around, although probably only a good 6 months of that time was ever fully focused on working towards making something happen there. Lately I have been the most slack. I have been working my job a lot more, and uni as still been floating around, so whenever I do have anytime I feel that its got "quality" time and sort of just dont really do anything. Yes I have still been creating. But not so much sharing, networking, and what have you. I think it is because I am still finding myself as an artist and maybe I wanted some more direction or something.

1. Remain actively involved in this wonderfully little artistic community I sort of only have one toe in at the moment. 

I have to just get up and do it.
Read more blogs. (I still read all my faves, but I really need to comment and be more involved!
Post more blogs.
Be inspired.

2. Keep creating. More. 
I really just have to get all my bits and pieces organised and just keep creating. There are so many amazing exhibition opportunities going. I need to utilise them. Now. Or at least soon.

Just a little page from the sketch book. Different to my norm, I know. I have lots planned. I just need to do it. 

Life Setting
I think I have gotten a bit 'stuck in a rut'-ish. I have a little over a year to finish my degree, B Art Education, but all I keep thinking is that I dont want to be an art teacher. Its annoying. I love love love art but now I know that if I end up in a career of art teaching my whole life, I can just see myself getting stuck in that little pocket and missing out on all I want to do creatively. I dont know, maybe. Who knows. Any life advice?


I am now the very proud owner of this. After a little minor tea spilling incident on the old PC laptop, it was time that I got a new one. And I made the switch. Ooo. So no excuses for me to not blog and be here and thrive!

I shall keep it touch people. 

All for now. xx


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