oh market.

going to the farmers market is quite possibly one of my most favourite things to do. I usually go with my mum, but sometimes on my own. I have always said that my most favourite element is getting to chat to the farmers/stall holders. I always ask lots and lots of questions, about preservatives, and chemical free farming methods, or even just engage in general chit chat. I also love giving feedback, because they always really really appreciate it (and occasionally throw in a little extra something for my kindness!)

new original cards, available in my shop

last time I went however, I did have my first ever negative FM experience.. I know. Depressing. Basically I asked a stall holder selling veges if they sprayed with chemcials (a question I always ask, and if the farmer does, they usually just tell me "yes" and let me be on my way or direct me to someone who doesn't).

But this stall holder wasn't so happy with this question.

He responded with a rude "YES OF COURSE WE DO!"

I was rather taken back and went to leave and he continued.


Then the mother chirped in.


I was in shock. And just plainly said back,
"No, there are farms that don't spray, but thank you"
My Mum; "Yes and we shall take our business elsewhere, there is absolutely no need to yell at her."

We were horrifed.
But I guess these things happen.
And we went on our way and ended up with some delicious organic veges from the sweetest lady.

But yes. It was definitely an interesting experience.
It seems like a lot more people are going to farmers markets these days (WONDERFUL!)
Have you ever had a bad experience?

On a relevant (but positive) note;
have a look at my farmers markets inspirate cards,
now for sale in my shop.

I rarely post videos,

but I just couldn't help myself with this one.
I would watch this over and over again.

Hine video animation.

sometimes I wonder

Untitled No.9

Untitled No7

Original collographs available for sale in my shop

sometimes I wonder if it is worth selling originals like these in my etsy shop.

I have spent a lot of time lately thinking about gallery vs online, what is better, pros and cons etc (and this dialogue video from design for mankind was particularly relevant to my thoughts; go watch!)

My personal view is that online is probably better. From a generalist point of view. I mean wow. The amount of art I have been exposed to is just amazing. The resources, the networking, the people. It is just great.

But then again, the feeling I get after attending an exhibition. The buzz, the inspiration, the beauty of seeing something so magical in the flesh. Nothing really does beat it.

Being a bit of an internet/home hermit, I find it hard to pull myself out of the comfort of the known and venture out to exhibitions. And I think in Sydney, there is much less of that "culture". It seems Melbourne is a really supportive place for artists and that whole thing, where personally I find Sydney to be a bit snobby? (NO OFFENCE SYD!)

That said, I have never been to Melbourne, so what do I know!

So back to the point I guess I was trying to make. These original works of mine I think might be lost in the digital format. In "real life" they are huge, and they really "pop". There is so much texture and detail. Most of this is lost when we view it as a 1000 px image that is completely flat.

But then to have an exhibition is quite a big thing, unless someone wants to have you in their group show or what not. (yes, me please!) So online really does help fill that gap for me.

I think I shall leave them available online, and hopefully in the meantime an exhibition opportunity will prop itself up!

EDIT OH MY, In my haste to post this blog I have not mentioned that this is in fact Caitlin Shearers show and not mine own!! I couldn't sleep last night because I was worried about it.

SO sorry if I mislead you!



art show opening

Making... My new website! (and making people look at it too.)

Watching... Masterchef Aus. Totally addicted, even if most of the people annoy me. And I don't have foxtel so it is one of the only cooking shows I can really watch.

Reading... Apart from the many many blogs and wonderful online things I read, I am reading Jodi Picoult's "Nineteen Minutes". I haven't read any of hers, so I thoguht I should.

Listening... to Hamish and Andy podcasts, and that beautiful new song by Regina Spektor

Cooking... Anything from here. But this is amazing.

Anticipating... the wonderful things to come.

Join in; Comment if you do; I took this from my favourite blogger; who took it from here.


There is no better way of putting it; I love Design for Mankind.
And so you can imagine how excited I am to have one of my prints on offer over there.


Yup. All you have to do is comment. here.

Woah, that seems unbelievably easy. But true.

So run along then!

p.s. you need to follow the link to comment, here.

If you comment on my blog it wont count as an entry

(but I would love you to comment here all the same!!)


gosh it is actually afternoon!

wow. This is something that really does get me excited. I have a website. My very own website. Designed by me, and fantastically coded by my little bro.

But in all seriousness, this is so sweet. I mean I have a website!

Oh, so what does that mean for you? Well if you don't mind sparing a couple of seconds, I would love for you do go have quick peek. Or a long gaze. I don't mind.

Also want to give a HUGE thanks to my bro for helping me with this one. I have wanted a website FOREVER, and he made it happen so, sweet. Thanks bro. Check out his Deviant Art. He has skills. He does.

come on ACEO's!

sweet little ACEO's (ORIGINAL TOO!) are now for sale in my shop

does it get any better than that?


my sweet dahlias

three new original drawings; by me
for sale; in my shop



thanks for looking!

by association

when I was little I used to go for walks with my Nanna.
I would always ask her all the names of all the flowers.

Bird of Paradise was always my favourite,
and I would always say to my Nanna, "tell me the real name Nanna"

"Strelitzia" she would say.

"Say it again Nanna!"

"Strelitzia" she would say.

I felt so botanical.

test your perceptions

the bird
all drawings by me, renee anne 2009

Wow. I am surprised I still have the energy to be typing this. But it is just one of those occasions where it doesn’t matter because you are just too excited, you just have to share. 

Spent my day today at the hugely popular Finders Keepers markets (along with a whole lot of other [lovely] people). 

For the first part I was helping out at the Leeloo stall, which looked absolutely gorgeous. It was just so special seeing how everyone reacted to the beautiful pieces, and it is funny how you get all warm and fussy when someone makes a purchase. It really was super to be apart of (Thanks Leeloo !)

And of course all that stall helping make be hungry for some shopping, the result was like a kid in a candy store. I did go a bit mental, but I think every purchase was absolutely worth it, and just like watching people buy handmade, the warm and fuzzy thing happens just as much, if not more, when you return the favour. I just loved chatting to all the stall holders (which they still managed to do even though they were super busy and super tired I am sure), and seeing all the lovely things they have worked so hard to create. 

Be sure to check out my flickr for more details on the sellers behind all my beautiful “finds”.

Purchases by;

magdalena duma
tinker by printink
ruby and scarlett
tabitha emma
red berry design
publisher textiles
Leeloo by little shop of

drawings by Ashlee Maegan

Some things just need to be shared. One of my earlier days artistic friend Ashlee Maegan has kick started her super blog back up, and as been keeping herself busy with sweet little creations. I can't wait to see what she has been up to. I just love her dedication to large realistic works, and how she pushes them to that next step of coolness with colour and digital elements.

She recently took her creativeness even further and created a sweet looking zine, which she ever so kindly included me in!! Super! I cannot wait to see it. I think there might be still a few left, so enqurie over at Ashlee's blog.

We are actually both keen to get ourselves involved in some (or one!) group shows. I know I am desperate to get some of my drawings out and up there, so if you know of any shows that are calling for submissions in Melbourne or Sydney (or hey, even anywhere in the world! I do postage!), please be in touch because we would love to hear from you!!

there has been

too much sadness in me to think of pretty sweet things to write. I feel I have been neglectful, but I feel I needed to be. Do you ever get to a point where you think you might be addicted to your laptop?

I have been opening up my senses and doing some outsite sketchings. Well these were drawn from photos, but the drawing did take place outside.



It was starting to get cold while I was drawing, but then I remembered when I was here (photos). In Wanaka, New Zealand. It was probably 2 or 3 Degrees, it was freezing cold. I had thermals under those pants and about 15 layers under my jumper.


But we still spent probably a good half hour maybe longer taking lots of pretty photos and just starting into the mountains (I must admit, I did get a little impatient and my boyfriend had to tell me to "just relax!").


I can't decide if these are finished or not. I like their simplicity. I like them side by side. I like that drawing them took be back to that place. I think I need to remember those times of peace right now.

Check out this supersweet offer from Daily Addict for my all time favourite online shop Leeloo (seller of all things wonderful and handmade from emerging Australian designers and artists).

Just enter coupon code DA@LEELOO during checkout to receive an exclusive 20% off any purchase before midnight Sunday 10 May 09. (sale items and postage excluded.)

20%, that is SUPER!

Better still, that means you can pick up my exclusive to Leeloo pocket mirrors for only $8! Cheap!

Plus there are loads of other sweet things to purchase, like the gorgeous bags from Rejenerate, and the super super cards from able and game

While you are there, be sure to check out the sweet new Leeloo blog too! So far it has been a great resource for me for all things creative.

Smell you later. And have a super weekend if I don't see you.

neverendingly inspired.

I really need to favourite some more!!

May09 artwork

some mixed media illustrations; 

I trust you, would love your feedback. 

On the Street......Oxford St., Sydney by The Sartorialist,

I know that a lot of people love the blog The Sartorialist, and I do too. I am not super obsessed with fashion, and I have never been that good (or brave) enough to try out the outfits that I admire in mags, or blogs or on people. But I really do still like to appreciate. And occasionally try.

I have a lot of blogs in my reader that I read daily and The Sartorialist is not one of them. I don't know why. Maybe I just don't have the time. Or maybe I will add it now.

A post from one of my regular reads The Design Files, mentioned that the The Sartorialist was in Sydney, and I was like "Oh sweet, I forgot about that blog, I am going to go check it out". And I was looking at all the photos I was secretly hoping I would see someone I would know, but sort of thought it would be highly unlikely. I mean I don't even live in the City.

And then I forgot that I went to CoFA, College of Fine Arts, where I literally used to feel "unworthy" around all the super super super great fashionies. I was always so jealous, but it also gave me a chance to try out things I probably would in front of my friends back in the 'burbs.

And then I also saw this photo and my heart did one of those little excitement flutters. I know this girl. YES!

Ok, well I don't know her in the way that she probably knows me back. But I know who she is. She was in my drawing and painting class. She was two studio spots down from me. I was (and am) insanely jealous of her amazing drawing and painting skills. Not only that, she had that amazing casual-I-just-threw-on-whatever-I-could-find-but-still-look-amazing fashion ability that I really really wish I had. And she works (or did) at one of my favourite vintage clothing shops on Oxford St. And she has amazing hair.

And if you (girl in the picture you) ever read this, I am sorry. I am not a stalker. I am just a way too excited fan, that felt super cool that you had your photo taken for the The Sartorialist.

P.s. This was the best I could do for images of her work; but this really is one of those cases where you have to see them in the flesh to see the real beauty.

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