On the Street......Oxford St., Sydney by The Sartorialist,

I know that a lot of people love the blog The Sartorialist, and I do too. I am not super obsessed with fashion, and I have never been that good (or brave) enough to try out the outfits that I admire in mags, or blogs or on people. But I really do still like to appreciate. And occasionally try.

I have a lot of blogs in my reader that I read daily and The Sartorialist is not one of them. I don't know why. Maybe I just don't have the time. Or maybe I will add it now.

A post from one of my regular reads The Design Files, mentioned that the The Sartorialist was in Sydney, and I was like "Oh sweet, I forgot about that blog, I am going to go check it out". And I was looking at all the photos I was secretly hoping I would see someone I would know, but sort of thought it would be highly unlikely. I mean I don't even live in the City.

And then I forgot that I went to CoFA, College of Fine Arts, where I literally used to feel "unworthy" around all the super super super great fashionies. I was always so jealous, but it also gave me a chance to try out things I probably would in front of my friends back in the 'burbs.

And then I also saw this photo and my heart did one of those little excitement flutters. I know this girl. YES!

Ok, well I don't know her in the way that she probably knows me back. But I know who she is. She was in my drawing and painting class. She was two studio spots down from me. I was (and am) insanely jealous of her amazing drawing and painting skills. Not only that, she had that amazing casual-I-just-threw-on-whatever-I-could-find-but-still-look-amazing fashion ability that I really really wish I had. And she works (or did) at one of my favourite vintage clothing shops on Oxford St. And she has amazing hair.

And if you (girl in the picture you) ever read this, I am sorry. I am not a stalker. I am just a way too excited fan, that felt super cool that you had your photo taken for the The Sartorialist.

P.s. This was the best I could do for images of her work; but this really is one of those cases where you have to see them in the flesh to see the real beauty.


  1. Jessie said...
    i know what you mean about the too cool for school aspect of the satorialist, i had the same thing at design school, used to freak me out!
    and thanks for the kind words about the website, still in its very early makings. I really don't have much idea about what I am doing! i've been using dreamweaver though which is making it alot easier i must say.

    and yeh I think that the website will help bring business in, i just wanted one to try and link everything together with the stationery, illustrations plus the blog being all very seperate, plus i wanted to add things like my custom wedding work etc without having to do another blog.
    i'm just happy it is sort of working before finders keepers + a couple of markets i'm doing.

    can't wait to see what yours looks like, i'm sure it will be ace!
    Anastasia said...
    oh i thought that girl was 'very typical' of Sydney look - well of say Newtown or surry hills not so much Eastern suburbs - liked her natural look!!
    i thought it was cool that The Sartorialist was in town - kept asking my hubby who works in the city to go spy on him haha
    Jessie said...
    yeah i am going to finders keepers up in Sydney! I wanted to go + I got super dooper cheap flights so I will be up there for the Saturday and Sunday. + I'm help Angela at the stall from 6pm I think but I'm going to come earlier cos I want to check out the goodies :) so give me some tips of places to go etc on a super speedy visit!

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