Wow. I am surprised I still have the energy to be typing this. But it is just one of those occasions where it doesn’t matter because you are just too excited, you just have to share. 

Spent my day today at the hugely popular Finders Keepers markets (along with a whole lot of other [lovely] people). 

For the first part I was helping out at the Leeloo stall, which looked absolutely gorgeous. It was just so special seeing how everyone reacted to the beautiful pieces, and it is funny how you get all warm and fussy when someone makes a purchase. It really was super to be apart of (Thanks Leeloo !)

And of course all that stall helping make be hungry for some shopping, the result was like a kid in a candy store. I did go a bit mental, but I think every purchase was absolutely worth it, and just like watching people buy handmade, the warm and fuzzy thing happens just as much, if not more, when you return the favour. I just loved chatting to all the stall holders (which they still managed to do even though they were super busy and super tired I am sure), and seeing all the lovely things they have worked so hard to create. 

Be sure to check out my flickr for more details on the sellers behind all my beautiful “finds”.

Purchases by;

magdalena duma
tinker by printink
ruby and scarlett
tabitha emma
red berry design
publisher textiles
Leeloo by little shop of


  1. Jessie said...
    oh so many pretty things! i went a little mental too, but it is ok i think seeing it is all lovely. hope you had fun yesterday and it was so lovely to actually meet you!
    BlueRing said...
    Hello there.
    i was interested in the purse you pictured in this post, with the pretty girl and the owl atop her head.
    Where did you buy this? Is there some way i could perhaps get one like it?

    It would be lovely if you could let me know about this sweet little purse of yours.

    Thank you very much. Have a lovely week.

    Oh and what a lovely blog you have, what with all the beautiful drawings you make and your sweet little words.

    Til your answer.

    BlueRing said...
    Thank you ever so much for you speedy reply, and a good one at that. I thank you for your comment.

    Oh, I have seen her etsy account many many times before, always wanting to buy one of her lovely etsy products but what I would really like is her work ON the bag, as yours was.

    Why does everything happen not where I live? Someday...
    Thank you very much for the finders keeper link. I shall be going there after this comment.

    As mentioned above, I already visit her site though have not yet bought anything. I will be doing so soon for I am moving into a new home and so I need some awesome decorations, such as her beautiful work.

    Thank you very much for your help.

    Have a lovely week.
    Oh and I really like your new work that you just posted. The flower is simply intriguing and still so simple, though I mean in terms of how beautiful it is that it does not need anything else to make it wonderful for it already is. Very nice work you have.

    Til next time.


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