Just a minute in... the present.

Making... My new website! (and making people look at it too.)

Watching... Masterchef Aus. Totally addicted, even if most of the people annoy me. And I don't have foxtel so it is one of the only cooking shows I can really watch.

Reading... Apart from the many many blogs and wonderful online things I read, I am reading Jodi Picoult's "Nineteen Minutes". I haven't read any of hers, so I thoguht I should.

Listening... to Hamish and Andy podcasts, and that beautiful new song by Regina Spektor

Cooking... Anything from here. But this is amazing.

Anticipating... the wonderful things to come.

Join in; Comment if you do; I took this from my favourite blogger; who took it from here.


  1. Daydream Lily said...
    I've read a few Jodi Picoult books, but she can be a bit hit miss. I liked The Pact. I haven't read Nineteen Minutes, let me know how it goes.
    yum to the pudding...im drooling
    Jenaveve said...
    Congrats on the new (and beautiful) website!!

    Oh yes I was drooling too every time they mentioned the praline, or the sauce....

    Nice roundup! This Jodi is on my shelves somewhere, waiting patiently.
    Katie K said...
    thanks so much for checking out my blog!! And you are so welcome you have a new fan!!! Love your work! And I ADORE Jodi Picoult and she is also just an AMAZING woman, she wrote a series of Wonder Woman and you should read the tenth circle next as it's wonderful and a merging of novel and comic book with art by my dear dear friend Dustin Weaver!!!
    Karin said...
    Great website - I love the simplicity and the navigation menu as branches in the tree.

    And I LOVE masterchef. I am completely and utterly addicted too. It's really getting serious now.
    Karin said...
    Oh p.s. I love Jodi Picoult too. My favourite is "My Sister's Keeper".

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