woah! just received an email from my Aunty with these amazing pictures of chinese artist Liu Bolin. I seriously think I could just stare at these for hours, analysing every detail as to how he made this happen.

what I found even more interesting was the "story" on the artist's website that goes along with this body of work. allow me to share, from the artist;

"Are human beings animals? Chameleon has the unique property of changing hues to match the color of the surroundings for self-protection... In order to survive, good concealment has become the most critical factor.Human beings are not animals! Because human beings do not know how to protect themselves.

"... The cost of the brilliant human civilization is that human beings almostly forget they are still animals, and forget their own instinct.

"... I choose to merge myself into the environment. Saying that I am disappeared in the environment, it would be better to say that the environment has licked me up and I can not choose active and passive relationship."

cool stuff hey? and now to marvel at the amazing work of Liu Bolin

[all images via here]

Get Trucked!

I was very excited to create a "hat" for this super exhibition "Get Trucked" presented by my favourite Melbourne gallery 696. This year, Get Trucked, an annual fund raising exhibition, is a side event to Semi Permanent and will be shown at Per Square Meter Gallery. If you are near by, make sure you check out the opening on Thurs 8th October 6-9 pm. Once again, due to my silly location (boo Sydney!) I won't be able to make it.

here is what I came up with (above top) :: and just look at the gorgeous creation (above below) by Bec Winnel (super new website Bec!), she is such a superstar.


p.s. a HUGE thank you to everyone for your support towards {twin set}. Angela and I have worked so hard on this (along with many fantastic others) and it is just so so heart warming hearing all the things that you are saying. I just cannot thank you enough xxxxxxxx

morning lovelies!

it seems super weird saying this, but that isn't going to stop me. {twin set} has launched. {twin set} is something I have been excited about for months (! WOW time flies) now and you don't understand how excited I am to "reveal".

{twin set} is an online shop (based here in Australia) that sells off beat retro & quirky vintage. It has gorgeous dresses, pretty pictures and I know you are going to love it. In conjunction with the shop, the {twin set} blog also launches today. Be sure to follow this blog for all things pretty, eco-friendly, Australian where possible, vintage and just generally sweet things and finds.

So why all the fuss from me?? Oh right. Because super amazing Angela (Leeloo.com.au) and I, well, it is our business! So much hardwork, laughs, fun and crazy times went into this business, and we are so so super proud to be sharing all the excitement with you today!! Hear more about our story and ideas here.

be sure to check out our SUPER COOL LOOK BOOK!

I think this was one of the most exciting parts,

seeing this "book" come together the way it has!!!!

would LOVE to hear what you think!!! Because it has been such a long time in the making, it can be a bit overwhelming!!! xxxxxx

[photo by rose martland]

friends. it is friday. yippee to those in offices, maybe not so fun for students who work part-time on weekends (I feel your pain, I am sorry).

this weekend I will:

1. jump with excitement when I finally see the freshly printed Foreshore Dynamic T's.
2. continue jumping while enjoying the sweet tunes of Midnight Youth.
3. chat about nonsense with my Mum.
4. take those freshly aforementioned printed T's and put them on sexy models and watch a super talented photographer shoot them.
5. clean up the red dust.
6. prepare myself to reveal to the WORLD one of the most exciting thing to happen this year (or to the blogging internet world at least).

can you guess what my little secret might be?
can you tell me what your plans are this weekend?

new stockist: udessi

morning lovelies!

well this has been something long in the works, but I guess I haven't really been able to say anything. but seeing as I can now, lets hear a 'YAY!'

contemporary Australian art, craft and design shop Udessi will now be selling some original pieces by me. exciting hey? currently, some of my collage illustrations are for sale, and in the not too distant future there will be some more sweet things available, so stay tuned!! one of my favourite artists, GRETCHENMIST sells some of her goregous art through Udessi too, so that is pretty excting!

the lovely people at
Udessi have also put up a little profile about me, so if you are interested in finding out more about me (weird I know) then off you go!

and some lovely pictures, courtesy of Udessi

I always get jealous when I see "studio tours" or "inspiration walls" in peoples' homes. one day I will get there. but for now I will have to do with my pencil case on the couch and my comprehensive list of online bookmarks. well at least I am saving paper. right?

[Geninne's Inspiration]

[WREN handmade's Inspiration]

a boy and an ice cream car in paris, a girl and a sheep she drew in taipei
[o l y's Inspiration]

[kelly&olive's Inspiration]

[sfgirlbybay's Inspiration]

inspiration corner (explored)
[vee*'s Inspiration]

so, I thought I best keep with tradition and do a post fair post. the day was quite good. fairly busy. boiling in the morning, freezing in the arvo. I had two coffees and a lovely cupcake. I got to meet gorgeous blogger Ebony from hello sandwich ! (and score some totally cute tape and vintage wallpaper from her clever shop). I got to spend 6 or so hours with my boyfriend. and most importantly we go to spam the people with Foreshore Dynamic again. stay tuned.

[behind the scenes]

[james being arty]

[james being arty, again]

[james hiding/our stall]

some "light" viewing for you. my super talented school friend Anika made this film. so artistic. so sweet. the singer is Sui Zhen and she also went to my school. watch it and smile x

so BUY ME THIS NOW. (please). from Kidsen

[via the FANTASTIC blog/newsletter distillate]

remember these babies from a little while back?? I finally got my self into gear and got some sweet ACEOs printed. they look rather super cute, and would be lovely framed as a series. $5 USD. cheap cheap!

[and don't forget: FREE SHIPPING all this month]


[me being geeky at our stall two years ago]

The other day I was browsing through some old posts of mine (ha, what a loser), and I came across this post; reflecting on our day spent at the College of Fine Arts Spring Fair.

The boyfriend and I had a little (and I mean little) stall there TWO years ago! My how time flies! It was a fun, tiring day and the boyfriends shirts did super well.

In line with the new release soon to come, we thought it would be nice to have a little "clearance" stall at this years fair.

So. This Saturday, get your cash ready and come on over to the Cofa Spring Fair! Not only will I be there doing a little Foreshore Dynamic represent, there are always some fantastic stalls, all by current or past students from the College.

Not to be missed!!

When: Sat, 19 Sep, '09
Where: COFA UNSW, entry via the Greens Road entrance
Street Address: Corner of Oxford Street and Greens Road
Paddington, NSW 2021

what a bore I have been with my etsy shop. well not anymore!! lots of new things listed last night and LOTS LOTS more to come. I hope you see something you like.

I also am trying to get fancy with my photos, I might do a post to show you my photos from a few years a go. While I still have A LOT to learn, I think I have come a fair way. What do you think??


[all new ACEOs in my shop]

And don't forget, submissions close this Friday. Thank you so much for all the submissions so far. I can't wait to share more details with you all about this fantastic event!!

[book and images by the selby]

oh my. I just received this in the post.
I think I only bought it last week
what super speedy shipping.

anyway, I haven't even opened it but the handmade look and feel of it is just blowing me away. It. is. amazing.

do yourself a favour and add to cart.

{there are even additional extras included!!}


[drawing by jesudesu]

if you feel upset by a loved ones actions,
and plan to make it known to them
but on that day they are involved in a car crash.
they are fine, but shaken up all the same
would you still express those feelings?
how relevant would your pain be?

What I Wore Today

isn't gemma correll just too cool for sch[k]ool!? I am such a fan of her art and illustrations, and so you can imagine my excitement when she started the too cool for school flickr group, What I Wore Today!

I secretly love the "what I wore today" style flickr groups using photos, but I have never had the courage to actually snap a full body portrait and post it up. (Or even if I have actually taken the photo, it is the actual posting up part that I find hard to commit to!) Any how, this special flickr group requires you to draw what you wore, so no need for any embarrassing photos to make their way into the public domain!!

here are some of my favourites so far. click on them to be taken to the artists' flickr page.

what i wore today : september 5

so, do you remember this post from a few months ago? you know the one, where I went on, ranting and raving about how rubbish Sydney is for poor little artists like me?

it generated some fantastic discussion. and it really got me, and a whole bunch of other people thinking.... so guess what?

we did something about it.

a few months ago, I teamed up with the fantastically amazing Angela from Leeloo to make our ideas a reality and start organising an exhibition. After fun times and hard work, we now have Once Upon; an event that will be celebrating Leeloo's 2nd birthday, and ongoing mission to support local artists.

here is the exciting part…

Leeloo is currently seeking talented artists within the Australian community to be apart of the exhibition to be held at aMBUSH gallery in Sydney from 19th November.

The event will feature a sponsored opening night with strong industry support and exposure via our extensive online networks and other media. The Leeloo artists you will be exhibiting alongside are Bec Winnel (My Charlie Girl), Alicia Rosam (Ali J), Tabitha Patterson (Tabitha Emma) and Jessica Hyde (truth.be.told) amongst many others.

Submissions are due by 18th September;
please see the flyer for more details.

get submitting!!! email details and examples
of your work to: birthday[@]leeloo.com.au

I rant on from time to time about fresh produce, eating locally, buying chemical and additive free.

I often hear back "oh but how do you afford it, isn't that more expensive to eat that way?"

well possibly yes. or you could go to your local farm or farmers market and buy all this for $20. "how much?" I hear you gasp. yup, twenty bucks. all super fresh, hardly any chemical sprays used (if at all), and 100% local.

this weekend, or next time you need to f & v shop,
do a little bit of research and do your best to
avoid those big chain-ers.

(originally to be titled: "the best week of my life",
but I thought you might think I was being wanky)

[image from frankie: Issue 31] (I have a bit of a thing for that part of the leg on chicks...)

"If you're gonna get paid a shit wage anyway,
you may as well be doing something you love."

- Jo's mate; Frankie: Issue 31 p. 11

right now I am finding it a little bit hard to focus on anything but being as excited as a hungry child in a lolly shop. a lot of pretty fricking sweet shit is going on. most of this I can't even "reveal" yet. but let me tell you, you will be pretty fricking excited yourself when all is made known.

this week gave me times where I felt like I was the luckiest person alive. times where I was blown away by people's generosity. times where I felt little shivers because of the nicest things people say. times that made me stop and realise that the most important things in life are not things, but just that very simple ability to stop and let be. we all are capable. we just need to let it go.

I was driving home last night and I put the window down, turned the music up real loud, squeezed up my shoulders and smiled.

I was reading frankie this morning and while reading page 11. (Jo, the Editors letter) I got a tear in my eye. what a mushy shit I am. but I seriously did. because it is all happening and I can't wait to tell you all.

oh ok, here is a snippet. the boyfriends
little teaser in the latest issue of Fashion Journal (93) .
he is doing such a super job, and I am very lucky to be sharing it with him


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