COFA Spring Fair 2009 - the recap

so, I thought I best keep with tradition and do a post fair post. the day was quite good. fairly busy. boiling in the morning, freezing in the arvo. I had two coffees and a lovely cupcake. I got to meet gorgeous blogger Ebony from hello sandwich ! (and score some totally cute tape and vintage wallpaper from her clever shop). I got to spend 6 or so hours with my boyfriend. and most importantly we go to spam the people with Foreshore Dynamic again. stay tuned.

[behind the scenes]

[james being arty]

[james being arty, again]

[james hiding/our stall]


  1. tabitha said...
    wish i could have gone, but I had to work all day :(
    Jessie said...
    oh thats good that it was busy. i had a market yestyerday too but it was quiet as!

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