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so, do you remember this post from a few months ago? you know the one, where I went on, ranting and raving about how rubbish Sydney is for poor little artists like me?

it generated some fantastic discussion. and it really got me, and a whole bunch of other people thinking.... so guess what?

we did something about it.

a few months ago, I teamed up with the fantastically amazing Angela from Leeloo to make our ideas a reality and start organising an exhibition. After fun times and hard work, we now have Once Upon; an event that will be celebrating Leeloo's 2nd birthday, and ongoing mission to support local artists.

here is the exciting part…

Leeloo is currently seeking talented artists within the Australian community to be apart of the exhibition to be held at aMBUSH gallery in Sydney from 19th November.

The event will feature a sponsored opening night with strong industry support and exposure via our extensive online networks and other media. The Leeloo artists you will be exhibiting alongside are Bec Winnel (My Charlie Girl), Alicia Rosam (Ali J), Tabitha Patterson (Tabitha Emma) and Jessica Hyde (truth.be.told) amongst many others.

Submissions are due by 18th September;
please see the flyer for more details.

get submitting!!! email details and examples
of your work to: birthday[@]leeloo.com.au


  1. Jessie said...
    so excited!!!!!!
    Chrissy Lau said...
    This is going to be an amazing event and it will be a turning point for Sydney!
    Sophie Munns said...
    Good on you Renee,

    so pleased you have pooled energy and have something great happening!

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