Get Trucked!

I was very excited to create a "hat" for this super exhibition "Get Trucked" presented by my favourite Melbourne gallery 696. This year, Get Trucked, an annual fund raising exhibition, is a side event to Semi Permanent and will be shown at Per Square Meter Gallery. If you are near by, make sure you check out the opening on Thurs 8th October 6-9 pm. Once again, due to my silly location (boo Sydney!) I won't be able to make it.

here is what I came up with (above top) :: and just look at the gorgeous creation (above below) by Bec Winnel (super new website Bec!), she is such a superstar.


p.s. a HUGE thank you to everyone for your support towards {twin set}. Angela and I have worked so hard on this (along with many fantastic others) and it is just so so heart warming hearing all the things that you are saying. I just cannot thank you enough xxxxxxxx


  1. Bec Winnel said...
    Your hat looks so cool! Awww, thank you for including mine :) I'll try and get some photos from the opening night x
    Jessie said...
    How exciting, your hat looks ace! And no probs at all about the love for twin set - you guys give me heaps of lovely support so its all good. Plus I am obsessed with dresses so I am truly excited about it and for you guys! Hopefully I can pop along and see the exhibition

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