Inspiration for Inspiration

I always get jealous when I see "studio tours" or "inspiration walls" in peoples' homes. one day I will get there. but for now I will have to do with my pencil case on the couch and my comprehensive list of online bookmarks. well at least I am saving paper. right?

[Geninne's Inspiration]

[WREN handmade's Inspiration]

a boy and an ice cream car in paris, a girl and a sheep she drew in taipei
[o l y's Inspiration]

[kelly&olive's Inspiration]

[sfgirlbybay's Inspiration]

inspiration corner (explored)
[vee*'s Inspiration]


  1. marelle said...
    well, i think you do tops stuff with your pencil case on the couch! ...that's all that matters!

    Chrissy Lau said...
    Ooh I like these- all so neat and lovely. Mine sit in various folders, randomly stuck on the bedroom & living room walls. I work from the pencil case and couch too. Are you taking part in the Thislittlepiggy exhibition? I will be too :-)
    o l y said...
    hello hello, dear renee, thank you for adding my wall in your lovely inspiration collections :)

    have a nice day !
    alexkeller said...
    i feel the same way - i just don't have a place to hang the darn thing!
    Peebs And Roo said...
    I know the feeling! I'm STILL working on my craft room and I so need to make an inspiration board! Thanks for sharing!
    renee anne said...
    peebs and roo: hehe at least you HAVE a craft room. lol. you are welcome xx

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