I rant on from time to time about fresh produce, eating locally, buying chemical and additive free.

I often hear back "oh but how do you afford it, isn't that more expensive to eat that way?"

well possibly yes. or you could go to your local farm or farmers market and buy all this for $20. "how much?" I hear you gasp. yup, twenty bucks. all super fresh, hardly any chemical sprays used (if at all), and 100% local.

this weekend, or next time you need to f & v shop,
do a little bit of research and do your best to
avoid those big chain-ers.

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  1. Jessie said...
    that's amazing! i am so happy my new place is close to the vic market down here so i can score some bargains too. oh + thank you for the lovely comments about my new works too, so happy with the way they turned out on the night :)

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