What I Wore Today

isn't gemma correll just too cool for sch[k]ool!? I am such a fan of her art and illustrations, and so you can imagine my excitement when she started the too cool for school flickr group, What I Wore Today!

I secretly love the "what I wore today" style flickr groups using photos, but I have never had the courage to actually snap a full body portrait and post it up. (Or even if I have actually taken the photo, it is the actual posting up part that I find hard to commit to!) Any how, this special flickr group requires you to draw what you wore, so no need for any embarrassing photos to make their way into the public domain!!

here are some of my favourites so far. click on them to be taken to the artists' flickr page.

what i wore today : september 5


  1. Unknown said...
    oh wow! this is really awesome! i have to rethink quitting flickr now. hehe.
    Claire Mercado-Obias said...
    Lovely illustrations!

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