the wait is almost over...

[photo by rose martland]

friends. it is friday. yippee to those in offices, maybe not so fun for students who work part-time on weekends (I feel your pain, I am sorry).

this weekend I will:

1. jump with excitement when I finally see the freshly printed Foreshore Dynamic T's.
2. continue jumping while enjoying the sweet tunes of Midnight Youth.
3. chat about nonsense with my Mum.
4. take those freshly aforementioned printed T's and put them on sexy models and watch a super talented photographer shoot them.
5. clean up the red dust.
6. prepare myself to reveal to the WORLD one of the most exciting thing to happen this year (or to the blogging internet world at least).

can you guess what my little secret might be?
can you tell me what your plans are this weekend?


  1. Katie Palmer said...
    I'm one of the lucky ones that gets to work this 5:30 in the morning. :)

    Enjoy the shirts!!!
    My Owl Barn said...
    "chat about nonsense with my Mum." LOL. I love to do that too :)
    Jessie said...
    i'll be spending the weekend relaxing + going to see valentino to get my fashion fix. hope the photo shoot goes well!

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