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It has been so long, I have been away in the snow, and enjoying my time away from the world of the web, but still glad to be back :) I had some time to work on a drawing for a close friend of mine who is a fellow Wentworth Miller supporter... and well, I loved drawing it and decided to share.

I actually drew Wentworth Miller a few years ago and I thought it was interesting to see the differences in my drawing style since I last drew him all that time ago.

I made a few sales while I was away which was lovely, so stay tuned for my current commissions! So go check out that in my shop

A Treasury Feature!

Just a quick note to mention that I am featured on SonitaTreasures Treasury on etsy. The link can be found here. So go and check it out!!!!

Hacked myspace

Today, when I went to log into my myspace I found it to be totally empty. No friends. no layout. No images. No nothing. Basically I had established my own art4friends information page, filled with information about my latest artworks, and things I was up to and what I was selling. As well as directing business to my etsy shop. I had a huge network of friends that I had established over the past 6 months who were very useful. And now. It is all gone. I dont know why, I dont know how. I dont understand. I'm very aware of fake log ins and hackers so I dont know how this could have possibly happened. This is all very upsetting.


ACEO excitement!

Well I have recently been introduced to the idea of ACEOs (Art Cards, Editions and Originals) More information here. Basically I just had a whole thing typed for this post and deleted it. Very sad. So anyway, I decided that making ACEOs to sell was something I would be interested in doing! And it is lots of fun. I have made many, but only posted four on my etsy shop at this stage, however stay tuned for more in the future. These are the first four that posted, two have sold already! Much excitement! They can be found for sale here

All ACEOs are ink and watercolour on stongehenge paper.

a postal occasion

It is time to introduce to you, the new, the handmade, the original, art4friends cards! I always make my own cards for friends and such. This mainly started when I would always forget to buy a card, and wouldn't have any at home and would have to do with a scrap of thick paper and some fancy pens. This range is a bit more "up market", however I may some day soon try out the old pen art once more. These three, all hand cut and designed by myself, are available for purchase at my shop.


I made this page for a little diary collective thing that was going on here which I rather excited about. A bit of a personal plug is always good. I think.

Too bad I made a typo the first time around. You would think I could spell FebRuary by now.

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