ACEO excitement!

Well I have recently been introduced to the idea of ACEOs (Art Cards, Editions and Originals) More information here. Basically I just had a whole thing typed for this post and deleted it. Very sad. So anyway, I decided that making ACEOs to sell was something I would be interested in doing! And it is lots of fun. I have made many, but only posted four on my etsy shop at this stage, however stay tuned for more in the future. These are the first four that posted, two have sold already! Much excitement! They can be found for sale here

All ACEOs are ink and watercolour on stongehenge paper.


  1. John Dyhouse said...
    Hi welcome to the world of ACEO's

    I found them on ebay about 8 months ago, and was so excited when I sold my first at the first attempt. Since then I have been hooked

    Todd Camplin said...
    I like these images, they remind me of earily Andy Warhol images of fashion.

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