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I love Ginger Beer

After a hard day of multiple loads of washing and a huge big bathroom clean, what better way to wind down than with a chilled, refeshing bottle of ginger beer. Oh the sweet gingery taste, how I love you so.

On a more exciting note, how wonderful is this artst, Kendra Binney. I mean seriously, the work is breathtaking. Go check out her little shop.

Have a wonderful day friends!

And i just cant quite believe it. I mean really, I still cleaning up the mess from christmas! Anyway, I can complain about a time filled with eating chocolate (but much more excitedly giving!) and being sweet.

Some little goodie bags I am preparing for friends and family!

OO and I never really show you puppy, Maggie. She is so hard to get a shot of, I will have to wait till she is asleep!

That you can now get pretty little art4friends pins from Leeloo!.

Yes, some time ago I got two little badge sets organised especially for Leeloo, and now they are over in the shop, among other greatness like creations from mycharliegirl and Ali J and many many more.

If you like the She's no wallflower series, that you will love these little pin sets! :D Go on! Check them out!

Monday Baking!

I do love the idea of baking. You know, the kitchen, the mixing, the cooking, the anticipation. I don't necessarily think I am any good at it, but I do like it. And I like to feed others. Today I felt the urge to have a little go at some recipes from frankies afternoon tea.

I did have an attempt at a little cake, but I think its best we just left that one there. (eek)

I also had an attempt at some sweet little nana biscuits. They were lots of fun to mix and make, my favourite part of the process, adding the little almond! Yum yum. We can speak of these, and they turned out to be rather lovely.

Cake and Cookie time anyone? What is your baking specialty?


Hello friends. I feel like getting a bit featurey. I like featuring things I like, in the hope that if you haven't seen or heard of it before, you just might start to like it. I love it when bloggers recommend things, I find new thing, and I get all excited.

Anywho, lets just get on with it then.

I think I might base these posts around some of my favouritest things, music, art, and anything that might involve those wonderful things. Basically whatever I feel like.

Today I choose

Three songs that you should be listening to right now.

(maybe not all at once!)

Whitley - More Than Life

Josh Pyke - Sew My Name

Goldfrapp - Eat Yourself

I was hoping to have actual listening links, but I couldnt find the songs on the internet! Maybe check the myspace, or just trust me and buy the whole album!

Hope your weekend is lovely, I myself am rather excited. Sunday Night. 7.30pm. So You Think You Can Dance time. Man I look forward to it every single week.

Happy watching. xx

... right before I am about to fall asleep.

As you can see, I tend not to write them down.

Friday means weekend everyone!! xx

We Love Ladies!

Yay, I am going to be apart of another exhibition at the lovely 696 (well i havent even been there yet, but i am hoping to one day!). Its an all girl show and I sent down my original drawings from the "She's No Wallflower" series. They are slightly different to the prints as the were digitally collaged, but I added some lovely material details, so they are very special.

It is exciting to have my work up on the wall along with the lovelies such as Ali J, My Charlie Girl, and Kelly Smith

So if you are in Melbourne, please, go along and check it out. This Friday, 7-9 pm! Sadly I wont be there, so could you please take a picture or two???

.... who hadn't heard of N.E.E.T mag? I mean I think I had heard of it. But today was the first day I actually read it. And far out I am ten issues behind! What a lovely magazine, perfectually suited to my interests, and its all available right here online! From Lottie Frank to beautiful vintage finds, I dont know what I have been doing with my time.

And the advertisements. Not the kind that irritate you to the point where you wonder where the actual magazine is. The good kind. I mean there are a lot. But they are all promoting people like me, and you, wonderful little handmakers and sellers of things we all love. Its great. You can even click on them to go to the shop! Super I know. And even our favourite little Leeloo had a cute little add in there!

Well I think that is enough rambling on my behalf, I think its time you went and checked it out for yourself (and sorry to those who are already aware of its wonders.)


Hello lovelies. The sweet Ali J kindly shared the link to the video of Etsy on Martha Stewart so I thought I would do the same. Basically just because I was hoping I would get the chance to see it, but Australia doesnt get that show! So if there are any other non americans out there, who love etsy, or want to know about etsy, have a watch

Hope your weekend was sweet and happy. I myself am rather tired!!! xx

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