I love Ginger Beer

After a hard day of multiple loads of washing and a huge big bathroom clean, what better way to wind down than with a chilled, refeshing bottle of ginger beer. Oh the sweet gingery taste, how I love you so.

On a more exciting note, how wonderful is this artst, Kendra Binney. I mean seriously, the work is breathtaking. Go check out her little shop.

Have a wonderful day friends!


  1. Chocolate and Steel said...
    I consider myself "in the know" with Etsy artists, yet I had never seen Kendra's work. So, so, so! beautiful.

    Why am I thirsty...ginger beer.
    katelynjane said...
    Ginger beer (called Ginger Ale here in Canada) would be really nice right now. Instead, I have a Pepsi on my desk for later.

    My sister just got back from Aus. and said that you guys had never heard of peanut butter and honey sandwiches! Just thought you might like a suggestion for a little snack (: Something new and different (:
    Jessie said...
    kendra is amazing! so many talented people put there.
    also your pins look awesome on leeloo! think i am going to have to get me some..
    but first i need a drink ( i like sarsprilla better!)
    Mercer's Daughter said...
    That made me laugh what you said about your beer!
    So funny! I'm enjoying a glass of Crown Royal mixed with Sprite right now myself.
    Have a great weekend:)
    Jennifer Perkins said...
    Ginger beer sounds quite intriguing. Is it alcoholic? I too heart Kendra Binney, all her adorable little forest friends in pastel shades make my heart go pitter patter. Oh but I digress. I was actually stopping by to tell you I am smitten on your Virgo and Libra prints. So much so that I blogged about Virgo recently. Lovely things you have.

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