oooo its Happy Easter time!

And i just cant quite believe it. I mean really, I still cleaning up the mess from christmas! Anyway, I can complain about a time filled with eating chocolate (but much more excitedly giving!) and being sweet.

Some little goodie bags I am preparing for friends and family!

OO and I never really show you puppy, Maggie. She is so hard to get a shot of, I will have to wait till she is asleep!


  1. Unknown said...
    Hot cross buns are my favourite thing about Easter. As soon as they come into the supermarkets I thank the lord that consumerism is out of control and they are selling them a good month before Easter has even began.

    And the little woofy is all sorts of cute!
    katelynjane said...
    Oh! I forgot about hot cross buns! YUM! I love easter, especially like the four straight days off! Hope you have a good weekend!!
    jessica m. said...
    your easter bags are really sweet! That's a super nice thing to do. I hope you have a beautiful easter.
    Over The Top Aprons said...
    Happy Easter to you and your family. Sweet, sweet puppy!!
    Anonymous said...
    awwweeee your puppy is get my puppy to sit for a photo...I use bribery/treats

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