That you can now get pretty little art4friends pins from Leeloo!.

Yes, some time ago I got two little badge sets organised especially for Leeloo, and now they are over in the shop, among other greatness like creations from mycharliegirl and Ali J and many many more.

If you like the She's no wallflower series, that you will love these little pin sets! :D Go on! Check them out!


  1. Honor said...
    Hey, these look great! How did your 'Ladies' exhibition go?
    Jessie said...
    these look amazing!! congrats and yeah for leeloo! so so exciting, i'm sure they will be selling like hotcakes in no time
    katelynjane said...
    I love this idea! They look great (:
    Honor said...
    The canvas is great! ... the moo cards, I'm not sure about the res, I expect they wouldn't make them if they were too dodgy. I haven't received mine yet, will let you know how they go!
    Hello! said...
    very very pretty!

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