... right before I am about to fall asleep.

As you can see, I tend not to write them down.

Friday means weekend everyone!! xx


  1. katelynjane said...
    I haven't visited your blog in a few days and I've been missing it!! I always keep a note pad beside my bed so I can write ideas down. Not only for my blog, but I like to write stories and articles (I'm working on a novel too) so I'm always having quick clips run through my head that I need to write down. YAY!! It's FRIDAY!! (jeans day at work)
    Martha Hughes said...
    You've said it all in the posting. However, my problem is a little different than yours - There are times when I'm fully awake that I can't keep one coherent thought in my head - I've been diagnosed with "CRS" disease (aka: Can't Remember S**T). It's a curse really - so many good ideas vaporized.
    Richard St.Ofle said...
    I think the ideas you come up with are great, no matter what state you're in.

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