the fashion story

yes, a few more
the originals for these have just been submitted for assessment at college, and i have some pictures i will post soon of them displayed. i was actually surprised that my teacher liked them, i didnt think they would be all high and sophisocated enough, because they are illustrations, but they were! yay!! we will just see what the marks tell..

if you are interested please check out my shop and buy handmade!

i took the pledge, did you?

(see link down right side of page)


what a weekend!

i had such a great weekend! my boyfriend (foreshore dynamic) bought me two tickets to see josh pyke for our two years together for sat night, and i had already bought tickets to see ben kweller for friday night. so we had a wonderful time seeing and listing to wonderful music. I had seen ben kweller live before, and even though i still loved it, i think i preferred josh pyke because it was so new and amazing!

in other news, i just posted the beginnings of a new series over in my shop so if you enjoy, why not check it out here!

my work at 696!

the wonderful little shop in Melbourne, 696 have just received my originals and prints for sale in their store!!! I am so excited to have my work available somewhere other than online, just so people can see them in the flesh. And there is an exhibition coming up soon which i think my work will be in.

So if you live in Melbourne, check it out!!

the last for the moment. i think i want to keep going with this, maybe go hunting for some vintage fabrics and try and incorporate them into and other series. i want to see what i can do with the pencil, and what i can combine.

anyway. this one is available in the shop

how has everyones weekends been?

in a blogging mood

i feel like doing an artistic feature! i have been doing a lot of internet browsing tonight and i just feel the need to share.


my charlie girl

and her gorgeous drawing Georgia
check out her blog, she sells prints and shares stories, you wont be disapointed.

kelly smith

and her gorgeous drawing Feathered
i recently bought a print from kelly and it is just beautiful
i cant wait to get it back from the framers and put it on my wall

and of course caitlin shearer

I cant get an image to work for her, but i highly suggest you check her out!

i just bought this print and it is on my wall a long side of an original by my folk lover. it looks lovely!!!!!!!

and there we have it, my little collection for this evening
stay tuned.

a book like this

yesterday i made a new addition to my cd collection, the beautiful new album by angus and julia stone, it is a wonderful collection of music that makes me smile and happy. i urge you to check it out.

and just now i have listed a new print in the shes no wallflower series which you may be interested in, and its for sale over at my shop

hope everyone is having a nice evening!

a treasury feature!

woah, i cant believe it. i never check the treasury to see if im featured, and today i decided to and woooooo i got a feature! thats me in the stop left! hehe sorry thought i would share

here is the link

apparently it was even on the front page?!! crazy

check it out there are some lovely things there!

lavender loves you

here is lavender! she is a bit more confident that lily but still wants your love and attention!!

see more in the shop!


introducing my brand new series!
shes not wallflower

and here is lily

i have been working on this series for a few weeks now and am finally ready to share! there are currently four works at this stage, i might be creating a few more, but at this stage i will upload these over the next few days.

the idea came from a beauitful piece of fabric i found, and my want to include that with a drawing. i also wanted to take my drawings a bit further, trying new things, new techniques, etc etc.

i used reference photos from my boyfriends clothing label photos foreshore dynamic which i urge you to check out!

there are prints available and they will slowly be added to my shop so if you are interested, keep your eye out

i would love to hear your thoughts, as im trying to develop as an artist and there are so many wonderful people out there that i would love to hear some opinions!!!

i am excited to have organised a new print! its of a recent illustration what you're worth and i think its worth a look over at my shop

there are even two sizes available!!! :)

and the rest!!!

the rest are still available over at my shop

in other news i have been working a fair bit lately on a new project, trying to focus more on improving my drawing skills as well as introducing digital elements in to a work. when i am happy with them i shall show all soon!!!!

more swiming?


I have been working very hard and been very busy
these past few days
so lots of new images
will soon surface.

swim in suits

i was inspired a few days ago to create some little ink and watercolour works

there are five in totally, and i will be slowly making them available in my etsy shop

if you are interested they are only $25 US and for an original drawing, i think thats rather good :D :D

stay tuned for the others

I recently orders some fine art prints of one of my illustrations. They came out rather nicely and so they are on offer for sale at my shop

They have been printed professionally onto fine art paper and would be a lovely addition to your illustrationish collection. Or whatever. So please. Have a look!!

she is finally framed and up on my wall!
this is a beautiful original drawing and watercolour from one of my favourite artists catherine campbell a.k.a my folk lover. I bought this a few weeks ago because i just fell in love with it the moment i saw it!

This will be the first of many for my collection of originals and prints, I have a print from kjs design on its way to my wall too!!!

Go check out her shop, you will love it!

a day of illustrations

todays day of drawing resulting in these two illustrations. after spending much time in the internet artistic community i have been inspired and influenced to tried out different methods and approaches. i love working with graphite and watercolour and have in the past, but tried to work in a more "illustratie" way. full bodies. etc.

I am going to submit these to my redbubble account where you can check them out with my other drawings and buy cards and prints.

however, for those looking, do you think you would be interested in some fine art prints that would be signed as well. the redbubble organises all the printing and things for me so they are not actually signed and i wont actually see them. I am getting some fine art prints made at the moment of some other drawings and if they turn out nice would people be interested in these as well.

I would also sometime like to sell the originals... anyone interested?

thanks everyone! :D

the fishiest treasury

fellow etsian, ccvalenzo was kind enough to feature me in this lovely fishy treasury!!! this doesn't happen to me often so its very exciting for me.

come see it here

the tagging game

Hello All.
I was tagged by
lovely fellow blogger

A. Each player lists 6 facts/habits about themselves.

B. The rules of the game are posted at the beginning before those facts/habits are listed.
C. At the end of the post, the player then tags 6 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog....

1. i like my tea without milk or sugar
2. i feel very happy when people leave me comments on my blog
3. i like to day dream when traveling on the bus in time to my music
4. i have a very messy room and car, but i cant stand it when formating on the net is untidy.
5. i spend way to much time on the internet
6. i need more time to spend on the internet.

I have tagged
my charlie girl
liana kabel
polaroid cupcake
megs lemonade
paper flower girl

Sorry everyone!

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