I would like to be heading in this direction, fashionly speaking.
(hey that's what tights and skivies are for!)

Sessun Summer 09 Lookbook from Vain and Vapid

note to self;


Take the time and do things properly the first time.
Don't forget your favourite colours at the moment are 
these (image above) two shades.
Listen to their stories, and share some of your own.


may as well find ways (excuses, reasons) to spend more of my time on the internet. 

ok, so my boyfriend started a blog.

I am not sure if I have blogged about his TSHIRT brand before, but I think it was last year he started a little tee printing thing which he named Foreshore Dynamic. He did super well, super fast. So much so that he, or me, or anyone didn't really have any idea what to do or expect. 

Due to life and its lovely demands, it all sort of fizzed out, just lack of time and what not. But the great ideas were still there. And something needed to be done about it. 

Lately with a bit of extra time on his hands, he has kick started it all again. I have had my blog for quite some time now, and I have always pestered him to get one, but it has never been his thing. 

So second time around he has decided it to be a good idea. Which is good because I don't have to feel so secluded in my own blogging world. 

please go have a read, because all bias aside, I actually think it is rather hilarious. My boyfriend is not a huge talker and I love it when he emails me because he has this way of writing that I think is really engaging and funny. It is a side of him that I don't see anywhere else but in writing.

Anyway, check it out here to see what I mean. I mean if you don't know the real world him (which most of you wont I guess), I guess it might not have the full impact. But he would love some support as he is, well, the ultimate blogger newbie.

And it is amazing what you learn about your boyfriend of three years when you read a blog post. Fascinating. 

thank you daydream lily for pointing out to me that I was lucky enough to feature on the Etsy homepage! A shame I didn't get to see it myself. hehehe. 

Look, there I am, top right! Go team!

now where did I put my glue stick??

Series One 2009

I don't know where the Series One came from. It more or less just sounds fancy.

So oh my I didn't realise how long mass shop updates took, but it has been done, so please, busy yourself for a few minutes, don't let that hard work go to waste! 

Illustrations and drawings from the early part of this year.

Buy Handmade

“Untitled No.4-9" by renee anne
Original Collograph Prints
28.5 x 76 cm (11.2 x 29.9 in)

available in my etsy shop

in what you are wearing.

and I am always so pleased when I am typing away with nail polish on. I really have to force myself to paint my nails. But I am always glad when I do.

songs just hit* me.

*I shall leave the interpretation of hit up to you.

that I just spent $15 on a handfull of rocks.

but seriously, they are just beautiful colours
and shapes, and I know they are going
to be very practical!

From etsy shop RubyCQuins
which I discovered from
this lovely blog Ruby Gatta.

I recently (hmmm last year, how time FLIES) took part in a wee bit of printmaking and I finally got myself sorted and took some pictures. I am super happy with these prints and I loved how they allowed me to experiment with being a little abstract and allowing myself to feel the line and texture and colour, and being able to know when to stop! 

Printmaking is something that I love, but I lose patience with after a while. You need to be so very precise and you have to do A LOT of work before you start to see results. Where as with the nifty pencil, you see your work straight away. It made me appreciate sooo much more the amazingness behind some of the printmakers out there. 

I tried a few different styles; lino, dry-point,, collagraph, monoprinting, and a bit of a mixure of all of the above. 

These are the lino/drypoints. And they are available over in my etsy shop.

Let me know what you think!?

I mean wow, I can't even begin to say how excited I am that she POSTED about me!!

check it y'all.

all I can say is

I really really realy do love google.


you can't believe how excited I am about this. my poor little mac book can now sleep safely at night.

lovely mac book pro case by Melbourne designer Shuky and bought from BagsNPacks.


my ultimate favourite. somethings hiding in here would have to get the crown, or wand or trophy. I sadly admit I haven't bought anything from their wonderful shop, but trust me I am saving. 

check out this sweet storque article here and be sure to watch this video so you can fall completely in love with these kids home and stuff just like me.

original art for sale

just a quick mention that this little drawing is now available in its original form and glory over in my etsy shop

she is even framed and ready and rather lovely. 

new print new work

inspired from a lovely photo of my Mum and Aunty on a P&O cruise... I won't say how long ago as I don't want to incriminate anyone!! hehe

this one came out really lovely printed... I just love the textured paper. 

right now


eating; dark chocolate and prunes

drinking; chai tea

listening; Her eyes are underneath the ground - Antony & The Johnsons

waiting; to go to sleep and start the day tomorrow

and look! exhibition at The National Grid Gallery, Sydney, Australia on the 20th March

oh, but I just realied I think this one is already pretty "famous".... I think I am just slow on my discovery uptake!!!

sweet vintage

if you feel like having a browse take a peep at my little vintage shop, where I encourage you all to think about making secondhand/vintage purchases. Not only can vintage items be super sweet, you are doing your bit by reducing waste and saying no to mass production.

feel free to share all things vintage with me!!

a fresh deviant START

Hanami Illustration by ~screamteddy

deviant art was the first social networking site I was ever involved it. I started an account probably 8 years ago or something crazy. I will still keep that account but it is just so crazy there at the moment, and while deviant art has is pros and cons, I think I still want an account there.

So I started a new one. It is pretty empty but please come and join me here

(and let me know if you have an account too!!)

I feel so very special

The lovely wonderful Caitlin Shearer asked me to be apart of an article she recently wrote for the Etsy Storque. Wow! How super sweet of her. Go have a read of the article , it is great, it talks about juggling Etsy and Art School, something I am constantly struggling with. Thanks Caitlin!!!

oh dear it is me!!!

sometimes for no

reason at all I light more candles than usual.

I rarely use lights at night. It's great. 

because I just love chocolate so much. Yes I know it isn't the real purpose of easter, but I can't help but get excited over what I consider to be a little "guilt-free" chocolate binge.

But make sure your chocolate endulgence really is guilt free by making sure you support Fairtrade ethical chocolate. I mention this now because it does sometimes require a bit of planning ahead, but please try and buy Certified Fairtrade chocolate.

Why? I'll leave it up to the professionals to state my case, go here for more information on the harsh and cruel conditions faced by the workers (and children!!) in West Africa.

Fairtrade organic eggs!! Yummo!


new drawing. 

restless things

I am super inspired at the moment.

Olivia Jeffries is one of those supers. ( here )


That's right, them while they are hot (cheap!)

Prints $10.00 (US) at Etsy

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