i have fun printmaking too

I recently (hmmm last year, how time FLIES) took part in a wee bit of printmaking and I finally got myself sorted and took some pictures. I am super happy with these prints and I loved how they allowed me to experiment with being a little abstract and allowing myself to feel the line and texture and colour, and being able to know when to stop! 

Printmaking is something that I love, but I lose patience with after a while. You need to be so very precise and you have to do A LOT of work before you start to see results. Where as with the nifty pencil, you see your work straight away. It made me appreciate sooo much more the amazingness behind some of the printmakers out there. 

I tried a few different styles; lino, dry-point,, collagraph, monoprinting, and a bit of a mixure of all of the above. 

These are the lino/drypoints. And they are available over in my etsy shop.

Let me know what you think!?

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  1. Kelly said...
    Haha the right hand shoulder is such a random thing to pick out! But each to their own! :)

    These prints are cool.
    I'm loving that deep grape colour of the ink.
    I did printmaking at Uni....for a year and failed. Haha.
    I think I failed majority of my first year classes on attendance coz I had no idea you HAD to go to every class. Hilarious. Sort of. Not so much for my HECS.
    But I would love to do it again and take it seriously this time. There are some AMAZING techniques that would be so fun to explore. I loved screen printing but I think my favourite was etching and lithographs.

    How fun is it peeling back the paper to see what came out?

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